Withings launches its "Med Pro" division for healthcare professionals


Created in 2008, Withings was sold to the Finnish Nokia group in 2016, it is recalled.

Redeemed by one of his three co-founders, Eric Careel, in 2018The company, which specializes in the development of smart health connected objects for the well-being and health of individuals, today launches its "B to B" division (business to business) with its Withings Med Pro Data and Withings Med Pro Care solutions for healthcare professionals.

They are intended to "improve the remote monitoring of individuals, through the use of Withings ecosystem products and the analysis of collected data, directly within the partner's environment," the company said. a statement.

Smart scales, analog watches, blood pressure monitors, sleep sensors, connected thermometers … Withings has been collecting data in real life for 10 years. "All of these connected devices can measure and track more than 20 different vital parameters such as blood pressure, heart rate via electrocardiogram, weight, heart rate, activity level and sleep patterns," he said. the company.

Presents at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2019 to promote its latest connected blood pressure monitor and a watch capable of recording an electrocardiogram (ECG), the company was already showing its ambition to focus on preventive medicine, thanks to these data.

Unsurprisingly, the new Withings health division will rely on the real-life data collected by its smart health connected objects to grow.

So, Withings Med Pro Data is a "bespoke" solution that allows third-party companies, such as coaching programs (eg those developed by healthcare institutions) or research institutes, to use Withings products to collect, analyze and retransmit data patients within their own environment, website or mobile application.

For this, Withings offers healthcare professionals partners to integrate the solution directly into their IT infrastructure to configure themselves the smart health connected object and enable a continuous transcription of patient data.

The solution Withings Med Pro Care is a remote monitoring platform that allows physicians, medical institutions and research institutes to easily access and manage the physiological data of several patients.

Customizable, the solution allows the professional users to choose themselves the vital parameters on which they wish to schedule alerts and to manage the reminders to be received for each patient. It also allows healthcare teams to share notes about their patients and to divide the actions to be undertaken, via a specific module.

Patients can receive messages directly from their doctors, be alerted to take and share measures and receive advice on their treatment.

Finally, Withings announced the development of a data hub house, "specially designed for Med Pro solutions".

This hub records data from the smart health connected objects used by Withings users and these can then be transmitted via "a simple cellular connection" directly to the company's servers through a device plug and playsaid the company.


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