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Here we are testing the Super 73 SG1, the new bike from Lithium Cycles. This newly designed electric bike looks more like a solex than a bicycle. With him, impossible to go unnoticed. It is already available for pre-order on the Volt website, the site that markets it in France.

  • Mark : designed by Lithium Cycles, marketed in France by the brand Volt
  • Model : Super 73 SG1
  • Category : electric bike
  • Autonomy : 50 km
  • Battery recharge time 4 to 5 hours
  • Engine: 250W
  • Average speed : 25 km / h
  • Maximum speed : 45 km / h
  • Super 73 SG1 price : 2999 €
  • Availability : available for sale in several colors
  • Weight : 32kg
  • Maximum charge 125 kg

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Want to be able to show off on the roads? The electric bike Super 73 SG1 is made for you. This new model will seduce you with its design worked according to the style "motorcycle scramblers". With him you will not feel like you're on a bike. Thanks to its speed peak of 45 km / h, you will move at full speed, but always with style. Will Smith tried it and adoptedhe even made a short video to prove it. If you hesitate to invest in a scooter, buy the Super 73 SG1, vYou will have class while respecting the planet.

(Embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjuaMIka7Pg (/ embed)

Super 73 SG1: The most design of electric bikes (see bikes just short)

The design of this bike is really his asset first. Thanks to his motorcycle style, you can not miss it. he is different from e-bikes that we are used to seeing in the street.

Super 73SG1 the most design bike

To make it look like a motorcycle, the designers adopted an imposing style, taken from the American imagination of the bikers of the 90's. It's a bike All Terrainthe wheels are therefore also very wide. They allow to move on all types of soil, water bottom, earth, tar, etc. With this bike nothing will stop you.

The saddle is very designbut she, too, very broad. It will allow you to take a second passenger behind you. But be careful, she is not not comfortable. After a long use, you will begin to feel a slight discomfort. Lithium Cycles has more focused on aesthetics rather than comfort. Depending on the model, you may not have a luggage rack in the back.

Super 73SG1 the most design bike

A lamp is integrated at the front, as well as a taillight so you can ride safely.

A small dial is integrated on the right side to see its data. You will be able to consult your speed at the time of use, the peak and the average speed. You will also be able to consult the number of kilometers and the time of use.

Super 73SG1 the most design bike

The use of the Super 73 SG1, the bike with a vintage look

This bike is very easy to use. No need to be a professional, a simple pedal turn and it's gone. Indeed, all you have to do is turn around and the electricity goes straight on.

With a top speed of 45 km / h, the bike at interest to have a good brake. On this side, no problem. he stops very well and quickly. You can even make stops with class by making super skids.

However, pay attention to its nervousness. It is necessary to control its start, because the bike tends to accelerate quite abruptly.

The features of this all-terrain electric bike

The bike has four different speeds. One in freewheels, little used. However, practical when you have to slalom between cars. The start is a little abrupt, this mode can be sure not to go into the vehicle ahead. By cons, the bike is very heavy so we quickly tend to restart electricity. The second is a eco mode. Useful if there is not much battery leftbut it requires more effort so we preferred the other two. The tower mode, has a start a little more nervous than the eco. This fashion is the basic, not too much effort, not too much speed. The fourth and last mode is the sport, our favorite. It's with him that we has the most speed and the most sensations. However, be careful this one is very nervous.

Super 73SG1 the most design bike

The small dial is practical. It makes it easy to change your driving style. You can, as said before, have all the data of your trip, speed, number of kilometers, etc.

This bike did not a lot of features. Lithium Cycles does not really care about that, but more about design. Moreover, those present are quite sufficient and others would have been superfluous. However, adding a bell would not have been useless.

We can still blame him for lack of a clip to put his phone in order to have the GPS in front of his eyes. It can be purchased separately. Indeed, a multitude of smart health connected objects exist for cycling. But considering the price of it, it would not have been too much.

The Super 73 SG1 against the competition

Electric bikes are becoming more and more trends and aesthetics. We will make you here a comparison of the most popular electric bikes. Each in his own style, they are more crazy and more beautiful than each other.

E-bought Bought bikes, the green bike

This bike is entirely in wood. The raw material of this bicycle comes from managed forests and woodcutting waste. A electric bike even more eco-friendly than the others. With him you can go at a speed of 25 km / h and have a range of 40 km. count 2850 euros to get it for you.

E-bought electric bike even more eco-friendly, competition against Super 73 SG

Agnelli Milano Bici, the bespoke electric bike

This passionate Italian designer collects old tanks of the 50s and rides them on bicycles modern. With him you can have your electric bike made to measure and handmade. Depending on your taste, you can add an extra wheel, a sidecar and even a car front. The starting price starts at 6000 euros.

Agnelli milano Bici custom bike competes with Super 73 SG

Otoc, the electric bike that looks like a vintage bike

These bikes have a design reminiscent of 50s motorcycles. Created by the brand Oto Cycles, based in Barcelona, ​​this bicycle will be seduce true vintage fans. You can also customize according to your tastes. Saddle, handlebars, little chance to find the same twice. Its range is 70 km and its maximum speed of 25 km / h. count 3000 euros to buy it.

oto electric bike cycles in vintage look competition against Super 73 SG

Cyclotron, the bike of the future

This electric bike has a very futuristic design. His tires are made of polymer, impossible to burst, and it is very light, only 11 kg. He has a autonomy of 8 hours, and LED on its wheels that turn on automatically when the light becomes weak. In addition, it offers a connectivity for smartphones. Its price is around 1500 euros.

cyclotron the futuristic bike concurence Super 73 SG


If you have the means and want to show off with a Californian look on the road, the Super 73 SG1 is perfect for you. With the same style as Will Smith, you will not go unnoticed. This bike with a stylish design will give you a comfort thanks to these off-road wheels. With a top speed of 45 km / h you will be able to Move everywhere effortlessly, but always with class. At a price of 2999 €, it is above all the aesthetics of the bike that you will pay. Despite some small defects as the lack of phone support or an uncomfortable saddle, the Super 73 SG1 is still a heart stroke for our editorial.

Good points

  • Good autonomy
  • Very worked design
  • Possibility to support a second person
  • Off-road wheels

Negative points

  • No port for the phone
  • Saddle uncomfortable
  • Very expensive

Design – 9

Use – 10

Features – 9

Quality / price – 4


Design and Ergonomics : a very worked design that seduced us. However the size and comfort of the saddle are the problem of this bike.

use : It is very easy to use. A pedal turn and go. The buttons to change modes are very easy to use too. However, we will reproach them for not having integrated a support for the phone.

features : Not too many features are present on this electric bike. However, they are all useful and other features might have been superfluous.

Quality / price ratio : Of course it is considered a luxury item. This criterion is not really relevant here.

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