When the connected lock fits directly into the door …


Very rare and very expensive still not long ago, connected locks are now legion on the market. Yet the equipment rate is still very low. If the price is not really a brake, aesthetics and integration in the house is a different story. Ideally, the connected locks should be integrated directly into the door. And if we told you that it already exists? Yes, the door is now connected …

I. Connected door and lock manufacturers team up

Making a secure door, and designing a connected lock are two trades that require special skills. That's why door manufacturers are starting to partner with connected lock manufacturers, see designers of home automation solutions. It is now possible to gain in comfort, and especially in safety, for example thanks to a Picard armored door associated with Somfy's know-how.

Picard Locks, lock specialist for 3 centuries (just that!) Also manufactures armored doors. The Diamant Sérénité range, with a thickness of 72mm (against 35 to 40 usually), is equipped with a 5-point closure. The lock of the door is thus motorized, and communicates with two domotic boxes at your choice: the "box" Connexoon, which is the lightweight solution of Somfy, which will allow to control his lock even remotely; or the Tahoma box, which is the home automation box that we know well at Somfy, and which will allow here to drive his entire home, via many home automation protocols.

Another example seen recently at the IFA Berlin, where I was in early September: the integration of the lock connected Nuki in MyEvo, a product from Cisa, door manufacturer, leader of its field in Italy. It will not be the only one, since Nuki has launched its "Works with Nuki" program, allowing any door manufacturer to integrate Nuki technology. It is neither more nor less than what we had discovered in our Nuki connected lock Reviewbut totally integrated with the door, which is both much more aesthetic and practical.

This type of partnership is very smart because the customer has a finished product ready for use. It is still questionable to add money to add options when buying a product. However, when the option is integrated in the product, the equipment of such functions is done more naturally (I think in particular connected TVs, or connected appliances, which is more and more connected natively. then have more to ask themselves whether or not they want to buy a connected machine, and the equipment rate grows naturally …).

II. But what does a connected door allow?

Having a connected lock or, better, a connected door, has many advantages.

First, for all those who are constantly wondering if they have closed their door: the answer will be simple, since it will be sufficient to connect remotely to his door, through a mobile application, to check the good closing the door, and lock it if necessary.

A surprise visit from your parents, but you have not come home from work yet? You can open the door remotely so you do not leave them outside.

If you have a cleaning lady who comes for example every Friday between 10am and noon, you can create a code so that she can enter your home, which will only be valid during this time slot for more security. Ditto for a neighbor who would come to water the plants during your holidays for example.

This is a feature that I use since back to school, since this year all three of my children is at a different school, and therefore returns to a different schedule. It's impossible to be everywhere at the same time. One of my daughters comes home alone: ​​to prevent her from storing a key somewhere, she has a code that allows her to unlock the door when she arrives. A code valid only on a specific time slot, corresponding to the time when it must go home, which also prevents anyone from entering if it ever came to give the code inadvertently. As a bonus, each code is assigned to a person, a notification on my smartphone informs me that my daughter is back, which is always reassuring.

In short, having a connected lock brings comfort, security, and peace of mind. The day all doors integrate natively this technology, it will be perfect 🙂


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