URGOnight : a helmet that train your brain to improve your sleep

URGO wishes you a long and restful sleep thanks to its brain training helmet. For this, researchers took 4 years to design URGOnight.

URGOTECH, a startup of the URGO group, will officially launch its URGOnight helmet in 2019. The latter has the particularity of being used during the day and not at bedtime. Thanks to the helmet and the neurofeedback method, your brain activity is trained to improve your sleep.

Sleep is a real subject. Often our nights are short, fatigue accumulates and it is difficult to make nights of 8 hours. Insomnia, difficult sleep or nocturnal awakenings are known to all. The stress-sleep segment is a market driven by dietary supplements but in search of renewal. The consumer is more and more demanding in the era where the data is so valuable and his analysis source of possible.


Many solutions have been created to improve your sleep. The latest gadget that makes talking is called URGOnight, a connected headset that has the distinction of working your brain to sleep better.

This innovation is the result of 4 years of research and development with sleep specialists: European researchers, doctors and engineers. URGONight relies on the “neurofeedback” method. This therapeutic technique uses a learning process to train the brain to modify and regulate brain activity.

This case helps to fall asleep. Unlike other products of this type, it is used during the day instead of bedtime. Specifically, this device trains your brain to improve your sleep.

 Good news for early risers

Seventy-three per cent of those surveyed say they wake up at least once a night and thirty-six per cent say they have at least one sleep disorder. The product of Urgo therefore seems particularly expected.

Focus on this connected headset that allows everyone to regain control of their sleep naturally and in just a few months.

An innovation inspired by the banner

The company URGOTECH was awarded at CES 2019 Innovation Awards.

The use is simple as a hello.. 3 times a week, just use the headset for 20 minutes to train your brain. The advantage of the helmet is that it is not worn at night, unlike the other objects mentioned above.
The helmet consists of a miniature electroencephalogram (EGG) measuring device and uses the neurofeedback method. It is a technique developed by professionals and sleep experts that “helps the brain to self-regulate. To make it simple your brain is trained through personalized brain exercises so that brain activity is changed. Linked to a mobile application, you can observe progress and monitor your brain activity.

And the results are there ! According to the company, after three months of use, you will fall asleep faster. As a result, falling asleep becomes 40% faster and the risk of night awakenings is reduced by 53%.

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