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BackBeat FIT 3100 is Plantronics' new True Wireless headset model. Dedicated to the practice of sport, the American manufacturer promises stable headphones, light and comfortable without isolating you, for a safer workout. The editorial verified if promise was kept.

Unboxing of BackBeat FIT 3100

BackBeat FIT 3100

We were not particularly impressed with the BackBeatFIT 3100 packaging. Nothing bad in itself, but the imposing "True Wireless Sport" font is a bit cheap, as is the background image. On the front, we also find the headphones with the brilliant texture.

The image already shows that the blue-orange wedding earphone buttons and tips is not the best taste. We quickly see the main functions available at the bottom of the front panel and on the edge of the box, enough to give you a first opinion of whether the BackBeat FIT 3000 are for you.

BackBeat FIT 3100 box

Once the packaging is removed, access to the box, which opens from above. At the bottom of the muscular man and perspiring from the top of the lid, is indicated the name of the application you will need to set the headphones: BackBeatApp.

On the lower part of the box are placed the user manual, a USB cable as well as headphones, stored in a small case very successful and pleasant to the touch. You can easily carry the headphones with him. Once the case opened, we discover the headphones, placed on their loading station.

BackBeat FIT 3100

Design and ergonomics

BackBeat FIT 3100 Earphones

Apart from the questionable orange of the headphones, the design of the product is rather satisfactory. The mirror effect on the buttons is pretty and we really appreciate the very visible indication "L" and "R" to know which earpiece is intended for which ear. Many builders indicate it with a tiny font, which is not the case here.

On the other hand a big worry quickly struck us: what is it messy! Despite the obvious cleanliness of your servant's ears as well as the case, the dust devours the headphones. It is difficult to explain why, especially when you make sure to put them in a clean place. Whether the part for maintenance or tips, it is the general tour of small dirt that are more difficult enough to remove.

Installing BackBeatFIT 3100

The little starter manual provided will help you make the earphones work. First, load them with the button located between the two earphones inside the storage case. You will then need to install the BackBeat app, available on Android and iOS.

Strangely, the two steps are reversed in the guide, it advises you to install the application and only after loading the headphones, which does not really make sense … In short, press the button of the earpiece left (this is the main earpiece) to turn them on.

On the following pages are indicated the functions related to the button of each earphone, the detail to load them and the possibilities offered by the BackBeat application.

The headphones: A sound not up to the height …

It's finally time to see what headphones have in the womb. But before that, you still have to be able to insert them correctly. Indeed, it is quite difficult to find a comfortable position to insert the headphones. Even though the tip rotates to fit in front of your ear canal, it took a good 1 minute to find the perfect position. Big black point: no additional pair of tips are providedwhich is really very disturbing if our ears are not adapted to those in place.

Once the application is downloaded and the headphones smart health connected by Bluetooth to our smartphone, it's time to enjoy his favorite songs. The first observation we make is that the sound clearly lacks bass. The overall quality is not bad in itself, but this absence makes the tracks heard a little bland. It's a shame, because the sound seems very natural. The report on the sound quality of BackBeat FIT 3100 is mixed.

… but correct for athletes

At least, the touch controls placed on each earphone are very intuitive. They respond perfectly even if the feeling when you press the button is a little unpleasant. Fortunately, just a simple touch to increase or decrease the sound without having to press.

This disappointment at the sound level is filled by the promises held by the product. Headphones do not insulate from the outside while ensuring a sound audible enough to enjoy. The promise of having stable and comfortable headphones is also respected.

One does not worry for a moment to see his headphones get off his ears, even passing over the deepest mouths of Paris. Regarding the autonomy, the earphones ensure. The BackBeatFIT 3100 can hold 5h continuous listening, it is consistent with what is indicated on the product packaging and rather correct.

The BackBeat Fit app: A very thoughtful app

The real highlight of headphones is actually the application that allows you to control them. The instructions are precise and the help section is very detailed in case of problems. Videos are also available if you need help configuring the BackBeat FIT 3100.

We never needed all this when using headphones. However, we advise you to keep the headphones of your smartphone very close when you establish a connection. The detection may take a certain time if too much distance separates the two machines.

Many parameters are editable in the application. Among other things, it is possible to change the main listener, to set shortcuts to decrease the quality of the voices. We will not use the latter option … Unless your phone does not have HD voice quality.

The BackBeat FIT 3100 against the competition

In front of Samsung Gear IconX

Gear Icon X

Although Plantronics headphones and Samsung headphones are both intended for athletes, they are opposed on many points. Where the BackBeatFIT 3100s lack bass, those Samsung Gear IconX are too high. These provide insuperable isolation while the opposite goal for Plantronics headphones.

On the other hand, their autonomy and the same and the two pairs benefit from the touch controls on the ear cups. With these points, difficult to get an idea of ​​the best choice. However, the headphones of the Korean firm stand out from the BackBeat FIt 3100.

They offer many features related to sports: a heart rate monitor, a pedometer and an activity detection system are integrated. The overall sound quality is also better on the Gear IconX.

The only data that plays in favor of BackBeatFIT is its price. These are sold € 70 less than Gear IconX, offered at € 229, which is really not negligible. It's up to you to see if your budget takes precedence over the quality of your product.

In front of Jabra elite Active 65T


Hard to fight against this excellent model present in our comparison for the BackBeat FIT 3100. The Jabra Elite Active 65T are at least as good on all points as Plantronics headphones. For sports use, the Jabra Elite Active 65T are much more developed.

There is no picture either at the sound level: the Jabra are just excellent. With its intuitive controls, its exemplary support and its price of 159 €, the choice is obvious between these two models of sports headphones, opt for the Jabra Elite Active 65t.


The BackBeatFIT 3100 did not fully convince us. If the quality of the sound is essential to your ears, we advise you to go your way. Above all, we hope for you that your ears will fit the unique tips provided … On the other hand, if you are looking for comfort, BackBeatFITs promise stability and lightness while making sure you stay responsive to your environment.

Intuitive controls make the BackBeatFIT 3100 very convenient to use during the sport. The BackBeat app is also very successful and easy to use. With these qualities, the product could have risen among the best True Wireless on the market if the sound quality had followed … All this makes the BackBeatFIT 3100 medium earbuds, but satisfactory for athletes tolerant enough.

Good points

  • The maintenance and comfort
  • The BackBeat app
  • Intuitive controls of headphones

Negative points

  • The bass almost nonexistent
  • One pair of tips
  • Tips not suitable for all ears
  • messy

Design and Ergonomics – 5

Application – 7

Features – 6

Getting started – 7

Value for money – 5


Design and Ergonomics: A correct design, the headphones are very comfortable … if the pair of unique ear tips is suitable for our ears

Application : The application is very easy to use and very well thought

Features: The sport-related features are almost non-existent but the one available for calls and music is very good

Getting started: Using the BackBeat FIT 3100 is very easy. The user manual is clear and the application also. It's easy to make the command of your choice once the headphones are under control

Value for money: The price is really affordable but it does not necessarily justify the quality a little disappointing headphones

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