Tile Pro, the convenient and effective connected keychain for finding your belongings


Specialist of connected keychains, also known as Bluetooth trackers, the manufacturer Tile has launched a new range composed of four models whose primary function is to help you find your belongings when you have lost them. to avoid misplacing your business. We tested the Pro model which is the most sophisticated in the range with its ability to emit a loud ringing tone and a Bluetooth range of up to 122m. This small device is not waterproof, but resists splashing water. Its button cell which is supposed to ensure a year of autonomy can be replaced easily by opening the rear hatch. The Tile Pro costs 34.99 euros each or 59.99 euros per set of two.


A simple app to configure

To use the device, you need to install the free Tile app (iOS or Android) and create an account. The software also requires activating Bluetooth and location on the smartphone. Detection is easy after pressing the center button on the housing. The app then proposes to define the category of objects or the domestic animal to which the Tile will be attached (Keychain, purse, dog, etc.)

Note that the smartphone that was used to set the Tile is automatically taken into account by the latter. It is thus possible to sound the mobile (when it has been lost between two cushions) by pressing the button of the case. Conversely, if you do not find the Tile Pro, just go to the app installed on the smartphone to trigger its ring (you have the choice between several melodies), while a system of concentric circles allows to know if one is near or far from the device.

Map location

The app has a location feature that shows on a map the last position of the case. On the other hand, it does not display the status of the stack (you will just receive an alert when it needs to be replaced). We also regret that the Tile Pro does not include a diode. it would have made it easier to find him in the dark. No "electronic leash" feature either standard. You will not be notified by your mobile when the tracker is out of range Bluetooth.

Other users help you

Tile, however, has a secret weapon: its community of users can help you if you can not find your "keychain" and it is no longer in range of Bluetooth. Just declare it "lost" so that any other user of Tile passing close to the lost object automatically, and anonymously, his position. In fact, this user has no action to perform, it is his application that makes this automatic sending. We did the Review and we did receive an email stating where the case was supposed to be.

We told you earlier that the smartphone is also considered a Tile. Well, you can locate it on the map by installing the app on another mobile device or by going to the web.thetileapp.com/find-your-phone website and logging into your account.

Finally, Tile offers a Premium subscription, billed around 30 euros per month (a free trial of one month is possible). In Premium mode, you can create smart alerts that match the electronic leash feature. Thus, your smartphone alerts you if, for example, you forget your keys at home.

Premium mode also includes a 30-day location history, as well as sharing a case with others, such as family members. Best of all, Tile replaces the stack of Pro and Mate models for free every year.


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