Do you know the negative effects of IOT for smart health ?

Internet of Things for Smart Healthcare can be very beneficial for health. They can help lose weight, increase athletic performance, and lead a healthier life. However, misuse or overuse can have negative health consequences.What are the negative effects of  IOT for smart health?

Here are 3 surprising examples of the negative effects of  IOT for smart health

Slow poisoning

Electro-magnetic radiation from mobile phones is recognized as a poison that acts slowly on the body. This poison can affect our bodies of many people. Thus, if connected objects are related to our smartphones and use the same type of technologies, they are also affected by this problem.

Bad posture

There are ergonomic office chairs, allowing you to use a computer in a correct posture. However, the vast majority of people tend to look at their laptops, smartphones and tablets. Fixing a screen placed in the hand permanently can be very harmful for the back and the neck. These parts of the body can remain folded forever. Thus, when using connected objects, be sure to correct your posture. Bring your connected watch to the level of your eyes, rather than looking down systematically.

Body dysmorphism

Eating disorders and body dysmorphism are important issues in our modern culture. Many people end up thinking that their body is not as good as it should be. By using health monitoring devices, many people tend to adopt this way of thinking.

By comparing their data with those of other users, many users stop using their connected bracelet and feel guilty. This guilt often results in a strengthening of eating disorders. This is one of the negative effects of negative objects. It is important to fight this phenomenon with encouragement for all shapes and sizes of body.

Among the potential negative effects of smart health objects and smartphones, there are migraines, eye irritations, mood changes, decreased appetite, nausea, sperm degradation, and sleep disorders. For now, no concrete evidence has been revealed. However, it is best to be cautious about these devices. Keep in mind that connected objects are more useful when combined with a healthy lifestyle and real social interactions.

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