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Hypnotherapy seems to be fashionable today. Sleep better, breathe better, give yourself courage or overcome fears, hypnosis is capable of many things and the startup of Avignon DreaminzZz decided to capitalize on it.

  • Mark : DreaminzZz
  • Food : 300 mAh rechargeable Lithium Polyner Battery
  • Connectors : Micro USB Magnetic Port
  • connectivity : Bluetooth Smart 4.0 or higher Wifi 802.11 b / g / n
  • Compatibility : Android and iOS application
  • Storage space : Equal or greater than 8 GB
  • Design and manufacturing : French
  • Loading time : 2h
  • Autonomy : One week in hypnosis mode and 8 to 10 hours in sleep mode
  • Vibrator : Yes
  • Dimension : 18 x10 x 1 cm
  • Weight : 0.1 kg

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The Hypnos mask would be able to solve problems of addiction or stress, more and more frequent today. Using the hypnosis techniques of psychiatrist Milton Erickson, this mask accompanies its users in their quest for well-being and self-confidence. To discover his subconscious for the sum of 199 €, DreaminzZz offers a product far from the gadgets that we have already seen. Let's go for a relaxing adventure in the heart of the limbo of your mind.

The Hypnos mask is not a substitute for real hypnosis sessions, but it has a real utility. Whether you use it before sleeping to relax, forget your worries of the day or simply fall asleep more serenely, this mask is a good ally. Thanks to his many sessions, very varied, he urges us to use our imagination to project ourselves into a more peaceful world. Using light sensors and soft vibrations, it facilitates our relaxation while remaining aware of the message carried by the voice we hear. Many sessions, sometimes divided into several chapters, are at your disposal. It's your turn target your needs and the mask takes care of the rest.

Unboxing of the DreaminzZz Hypnos Mask

The Hypnos mask is supplied in a rectangular white box flanked by the tricolor flag to signify that it is a french product. We can already see that this product is compatible with Android and iOS thanks to the small logos at the bottom of the packaging. On the back of this box, there is a short presentation of the object, its various features and in which cases to use it.

Once the box is open, we discover a black cover, where the silhouette of a mask and the logo of Hypnos are drawn. Once the fluffy cover of the object is removed, we can finally discover the mask of DreaminzZz beside his power cable and its instructions for use.

hypnos mask and its power cable

The user manual shows how to turn on the mask and how to connect it to your smartphone. The user manual also prompts the user to download on iOS or Android the application Hypnos.

Once the product is out of its box, we discover a light and soft mask, quite flexible. At first glance it looks like a completely ordinary sleep mask. A thin zipper opens at the top to reveal the power source of the Hypnos mask.

hypnos mask connected with its cable and its travel bag

Design and ergonomics of the Hypnos mask

The Hypnos mask should invite relaxation and relaxation. The fabric is soft and very comfortable to wear. The black elastic that surrounds the head once worn, does not compress and does not create discomfort. On the contrary, we can really fall asleep with. It is enough wide and flexible to fit your body, moreover it is adjustable if you wish a more sustained maintenance.

The Hypnos mask is very accessible, both for hypnosis aficionados and for those who do not know anything about it. Certainly, its design is not the most cheerful that exists, since it is the black model. But it's always very elegant and sober. If you prefer the color, a white model with colored triangles is available. Personally we have a small preference for the look of the one we tested. Slightly stiffer than a simple sleep mask, it remains very light.

The Hypnos mask is composed of a electric part surrounded by two thin layers of foam that make the mask comfortable. On the top you can see the magnetic socket for charging USB with a cable covered with fabric.

hypnos mask recharges with a magnetic plug

Different components are present: a vibration system, a Bluetooth 4.0 connection and six LEDS. These LEDs are divided into two groups of three, they will correspond to different modes of use. All this is meticulously stored in a small cover that forms the mask Hypnos, closed on the top by a thin zipper.

We imagine that this cover can be changed, or even be washed when needed. One advice, however, not to damage your mask during a trip for example, we advise you to always take with you the protective cover available in black or triangle pattern.

The features of the Hypnos mask

To fully experience this experience it is advisable to bring an audio headset or headphones if you are more comfortable with. They will immerse themselves more quickly and more intensely. Through this you will experience the complete adventure of hypnosis with this mask. During the first use, the mask is already a little loaded, so you can use it immediately after unpacking it. That's a good point. To light it, simply press the small switch at the top of the mask. A small acronym tells you. Then you just have to launch the previously downloaded Hypnos application and you can start.

Some tabs are available to you in the application Hypnos. There are few and that's good, we sometimes get quickly lost on certain applications. On the health home screen, you can simply press " Rest The app will take a nap, you'll just have to choose the time you need and the mask will help you to place your breath to relax and help you fall asleep. Then once the nap is over, the Hypnos mask will simulate natural light to wake you up gently.

home menu of the application of the mask hypnos

If you want to start a session, just go to the Downloads tab, several themes are proposed: Entertainment, Storytelling, Music, Anti Pain, Self Hypnosis, Potential, Sphere, Addiction, Wellbeing and Breathing. If you want to search for a particular session you just have to press the small magnifying glass at the top right and about forty sessions will be proposed. In addition, they are very regularly updated, and they are free of charge . We want to say thankfully, because given the price of the mask, these sessions still allow to justify this rate.

different themes offered by the hypnos app

Once your dream session is over, you just have to download it, sit comfortably and listen.

The mask Hypnos: better than the sandman

We have tested the Hypnos mask many times, on different occasions. We could try short and longer sessionswhich addressed several types of profiles and needs. It was a success, we tried it in good conditions, in a good armchair or sofa, relaxed, in the optics to listen and to remain open to what was going to be proposed to us. The goal was to cut ourselves off from all the stress, all the noise and find ourselves with no other harmful presence..

the hypnos mask worn, comfortable and effective

Listening, the records are of very good quality , the voices are pleasant, sweet and posed. Quite appropriate for the exercise. Without being boring or heavy, the voices transport us and push us to step back while letting ourselves go to the imagination.

Another interesting point: voice distortion which sometimes appears to give depth and importance to the subject. An echo, a murmur, the recordings play on the vocal texture and what they can make us feel.

Music also has a big place during these sessions : gentle, reckless, brutal or conquering, she has real power. Sometimes it's a sound or sounds, sounds of nature to help us project ourselves in another place, another planet. This scenery allows us to let go and let our mind go to hypnosis.

different sessions of the hypnos app

With Hypnos it's not just audio, there is also the visual. Although our eyes are closed and everything seems dark, the LEDs inside the mask work in tandem with your hearing. Color change, bright light then sieved,they accompany the sound and we also aim to guide our breathing. When they light up, you have to take a deep breath and then exhale to the rhythm of the falling light.

After hearing and seeing, there is also touch, felt it . Small vibrations in the mask accompany our sessions. A way to escape while keeping a foot on the ground. These vibrations make the experience much more real and concrete. Three of our senses are stimulated, which creates a very interesting feeling.

To be more precise, we focused our attention on several sessions. For falling asleep, we tested the three chapters of "Sleep" (which last 12 minutes, 10 minutes and 10 minutes respectively), they allowed us to to calm our breathing, to free ourselves from the stress accumulated during the day and to lead us to another reality rocked by the sound of a spring or the wind in the trees.

For a tonic session, the three chapters "Gladiator" (from 5 to 12 min) named: Genesis, Motivation and Activation, really allowed us to be more awake, to have more confidence in us and to reveal our strengths by a mental "fight" technique to overcome our fears and doubts.

For the more adventurous of you, there is NYC Bungee Jumpingwho takes us to the top of the Empire State Building to make us take the leap, fun and alive. First feelings at the end of the session: a confidence and serenity that we did not have before these sessions.

Hypnos: A simple and clear application

The application of the Hypnos mask is very easy to use . All dressed in black, she is clear and breaks down intothree tabs : "Mask" to start a rest session, " Session" where are your downloaded sessions and "Download"to access all available sessions on the application.

For each session a short summary explains the content of the session these texts are complete and informative. They helped us make our listening choices. We can also see how long each session lastswhich further specifies our choice "if you have time or not much).

sleep session on the Hypnos app

In the face of competition, Hypnos leads the dance

There are few masks of this kind on the market . A smart health connected hypnosis mask that appeals to hearing, sight and feeling is quite rare. There are still other smart health connected solutions of relaxation or meditation thatuse different stimuli that can be equally effective.

Muse: the smart health connected meditation helmet

Muse a smart health connected headset that gives you i accurate and real-time information about what's happening in your brain when you meditate. It allows you to meditate without being too time consuming. Indeed, with headphones we can perform intense sessions in just three minutes, which is quite interesting. He has 7 sensorsthat analyze precisely what is happening in your brain at the time of meditation.

muse the casqueméditer in less than three minutes

Sleepace Sleep Mask

This is about getting better sleep and enjoy a more restful sleep . With this mask we can follow the sleep cycles. The app analyzes and gives personalized adviceto help you fix what's wrong. You can schedule your alarm clock according to your sleep , so the mask wakes you up at the best time so you do not cut yourself into a deep sleep phase.

sleepace sleep mask

Breo: The relaxing and massaging mask

This mask has 3 modes of use: Sleep to sleep better which uses air pressure and hot compression, Medwhich uses air pressure, hot compression and relaxing music and finally the mode Hard that adds vibrations that massage to the eyes. This mask is for tired people who spend their day on their screens. This mask provides a solution to relax the eyes and massage them gently.

Connected mask that massages Breo's eyes


A nice discovery for the editors . The Hypnos mask seduced us as much by its ergonomics as by the features that offer us. A smart health connected mask of high qualitywho has been able to bring real solutions and real results on several very different themes. From self-confidence to relaxation, to motivation, this mask is accessible to all. Accompanied by an easy-to-use application and effective programming, this smart health connected hypnosis mask isa first step in the world of the unconscious and meditation . Despite a few small hesitations to the vibrations that still need a little work, the other senses are transported into an imaginary world of relaxing well-being.

Good points

  • Good ergonomics
  • Comfortable
  • Varied and interesting sessions
  • Simple application
  • Real efficiency

Negative points

  • Still a little work on vibration
  • Price a bit high

Design and Ergonomics – 8

Features – 8

Application – 8

In the face of competition – 8

Value for money – 6


Design and Ergonomics : A sober design but very comfortable. It is available in only two colors.

Fonctionnalities : Very easy to use, it offers many themes for different problem. The sessions are of a high quality. We have access to about forty different sessions.

The application : The application is well done, it is divided into three tabs well targeted. It is clear and intuitive and connects to the mask quickly.

Against competition : The Hypnos mask is the only mask smart health connected to offer real sessions of hypnosis and worked relaxation. There are real results, provided of course to be gamer and keep an open mind.

Value for money: The price of the mask Hypnos still remains quite high. This does not detract from the quality of the product but it is not a smart health smart health connected object accessible to all budgets.

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