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Takuma offers seasoned and novice surfers the opportunity to surf over water with their e-foil. It has never been easier to take Kelly Slater.

The Lille manufacturer Takuma sells his e-foil. It can be described as a flying electric surfboard. It hovers, about 50 cm from the water, to be more precise. This, thanks to a load-bearing wing propelled by a hydrodynamic force. This is the English word "hydrofoil" which gives it its name. This aluminum wing, associated with a stabilizer of the same metal, is smart health connected to the board by a mat. The electric motor is added to these parts and gives his letter "E" to all. The turbine makes it possible to reach a top speed of 35 km / h.

Before reaching this point, it will still be necessary to go through an introductory session. Takuma claims thata quarter of an hour is enough to master his e-foil, as long as you have sporty fiber. In addition to a question of balance, you have to manage the board. This is done via a wireless remote control consisting of a trigger and a joystick. The advantage of such a machine is that it can be practiced even on the flatter lake, the calmest sea, without eddy. It is therefore accessible to beginners and seasoned surfer who takes the tube every year waves of Nazaré in Portugal.

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E-foil is everywhere

The e-foil is a booming trend in the nautical environment. It does not only accompany surfboards or paddle boards, but also some zodiacs. The monohulls of the Vendée Globe are even equipped. The fact that the hull of the maritime machine does not touch the water greatly reduces the friction and thus allows to gain speed. In addition, its electric motor makes it non-noisy and non-polluting.

Here, the battery allows surf sessions over the water about an hour and a half. It is necessary three hours to recharge completely. Level dimension, the board is 1.95 m long for a volume of 150 liters. The whole weighs not far from 30 kg. Takuma E-Foil is available in six colors and costs 6,490 euros. It is also available at rental at the rate of 60 euros for 30 minutesif you want to surf like the pros for a few moments.


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