Spinali launches a connected dressing to detect and cure infections

Spinali Design takes a step further in health with a smart healthy dressing to prevent infections as soon as possible. That’s Spinali smart health.

Smart textile specialist, the startup Spinali Design has just presented its first innovation in the field of health: a dressing that detects and treats infections. The young company has partnered with Inserm in Strasbourg, including the Biomaterials and Bioengineering unit, which has developed materials containing antimicrobial agents.

A connected dressing … Spinali’s idea is part of a broader medical-oriented trend for connected objects and new technologies. It remains to be seen whether patients will be convinced by this novelty.

Specifically, the dressing is applied to the wound and activated via an integrated button. He then connects to a smartphone application to exchange data. In the presence of pathogenic bacteria, the dressing emits a light signal that is detected by a sensor to be transmitted to the person concerned (caregiver or patient) via the application. “The infection is thus spotted very quickly which makes it possible to start the anti-infectious treatment immediately,” says Romain Spinali, innovation manager of the startup. However, winning even a few hours is crucial to avoid the spread of infection. “The associated care is also divided in half, such as the time spent changing dressings or the time for medical supervision. “

Connected dressing: healing and infections

That’s the kind of little things we all have in our pharmacy case … bandages. Declinable in all sizes, they are essential to cope with the little sores of everyday life. However, why not make them a little more powerful and offer them a real evolution? This is the idea carried by Spineli. This connected dressing designed in partnership with the biomaterials and bioengineering unit of Inserm Strasbourg has a double advantage. It helps to improve healing but also to monitor the risk of infection.

How it works ? Spinali smart health

Thanks to an electronic chip that activates by push button just before the dressing is placed on the wound. Waterproof, the dressing is planned to keep for a month and can exchange with your smartphone during this period of time. This will interest people who have a deficient immune system. Also for the elderly, diabetics, those who have chemotherapy and have difficulty healing, mainly chronic wounds.  Launch from late 2019 on the market. However, it will still cost 30 euros.

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