Smartwatch in style: the Misfit phase


Intergenerational – in the sense of the product as well as the consumer

Fitness tracker, calorie counter, alarm clock and reminder, controls for your own smart health home (such as IFTTT and Logitech Harmony), … – all under a waterproof case of a clock with time and activity indicator (about 42mm diameter). With the development of the new smartwatch, Misfit complements the original simple fitness gadget, such as the Misfit Ray series, with other smart functions and above all: it gives it a completely new design.

The classic wristwatch model, the new Misfit phase can now come up with a stylish design – customizable, depending on personal preference. Whether leather, nylon or for the sport of plastic the bracelet in different colors available (20mm). This not only addresses the fitness-conscious consumers, but also those with an awareness of style and fashion trends. Not to mention: the smart health home lovers. After all, the technical features of the new smartwatch are so versatile that users will also get their money's worth in this direction.

Analog 4.0: That's behind it

Accordingly, the motto "Going with the times" – in the case of the Misfit phase also literally to understand: fashionable fully in the trend and technically up to date. Concretely, it offers interesting features that not only the health and fitness of the user's mind or project onto the dial – a fitness tracker provides regular information on their own daily activity goals and corresponding calorie consumption, while certain sports such as yoga, cycling or swimming can be recorded.

Added to this is the evaluation of personal sleeping patterns: sleep duration and quality are also measured. All this is made possible by a 3-axis acceleration sensor and a built-in magnetometer, an algorithm is finally determined for data acquisition.

Smartphone features also come into play thanks to a Bluetooth connection to the actual smartphone: Call, text, email or app notifications are signaled via vibration or a color window in the dial. By the way, different callers can even be assigned different colors. Last but not least, the misfit phase is also called "hybrid" for this reason – it is the result of a mixture of classic analog clock and technical finesse.

The smart features even go so far that the user uses a so-called Smart buttons can call their own smartphone and finally also has the opportunity to coordinate more intelligently networked devices in their own smart health home. The wristwatch on the wrist makes it easy to regulate the music from the sofa – keyword: well-being.

Smartwatch Misfit Phase in Black

Smartwatch Misfit Phase in Black

Enjoyment, (time) genius and mate

A pleasant contemporary, on the other hand, is still extremely faithful and robust: Thanks to the battery operation – keyword: Back to the Roots, it is also a standard button cell battery – the Misfit novelty over a longer period of time continuously provide data – only after about six months duration the batteries must be replaced, until then it runs without interruption. Moreover, the Misfit phase is waterproof and withstands pressures up to 5 ATM.

At the beginning of November, the Misfit phase will be launched on the market – the Price is 179 euros, The delivery includes a freely selectable bracelet (currently in six different colors) and a quick guide. In addition, more bracelets can be ordered, a triple pack is available for just over 59 euros. Incidentally, the Misfit app for storing the collected information for step, distance and calorie counting is available free of charge and for the operating systems iOS 7+. Android 4.3+ and Windows 8.1+ available. The app can be particularly interesting for athletes – daily, weekly and monthly can show movement and activity success. In addition, the system also syncs with a few other apps for fitness and sleep analysis such as MyFitnessPal, Lose it! Or Apple Health.

source: Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch – Misfit



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