Stress is the evil of the century. It is unfortunately part of our daily lives and it is not easy to get rid of it. However over time stress can have adverse effects on our health. Many today are looking for outside help and techniques to get rid of stress and finally relax. Today there are connected objects that are worn on oneself whose role is to help us feel better mentally. The smart sensor Lief is one of these products.

And the solution that we present today takes the form of a small patch to stick under your chest. Lief, its name, calculates both your heart rate and the frequency with which you breathe. When the small device realizes that you are in a state of stress, it starts with small vibrations. The principle is then very simple: you just have to breathe in rhythm with the vibrations of the device to find a normal breathing and slow your heart rate.

Called “Lief”, this patch connected will measure the heart rate and breathing of its user. Biological indicators that help determine a person’s mental state. Attached to the torso, close to the heart, the measurements will be very precise and the object will be discreet. When a state of stress is detected, signals will be sent to the wearer in the form of vibrations to accompany him in relaxation exercises.

The smart sensor Lief, the patch that will help you fight stress

Stress management includes breathing exercises. But it is not always easy to detect the signs that our body sends us. This is where Lief comes in. Lief is equipped with an accelerometer and a heart rate monitor. The patch can measure the speed of respiration, the heart rate but also the variability of the heart rate, that is to say the time between beats 2, a physiological indicator important for both physical and mental health. Lief works in connection with an application, to which it will send all the recorded data.

The operation of Lief is very simple. When he will detect that the user is in stress, he will start to vibrate. It will then be enough to model your breathing on these vibrations to find a normal breathing and a calmer heart rate. Four breathing exercises are provided with the Lief patch, allowing you to calm your stress, relax and control your heart rate.

Identify the triggers of stress

Connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, Lief will allow its user to view different data via the dedicated application, in the form of graphics and tables. The user can note his moods and thoughts throughout the day. These indications put in parallel with the data collected by Lief will allow him to define the situations or a state of mind that led to this stress.

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