Wair invents a smart scarf anti-pollution scarf, chic and connected

French start-up Wair has developed a connected scarf that protects its user from air pollution. This first connected anti-pollution smart scarf Wair allows both to protect itself from the pollutants present in the air, but also to be alerted on the quality of the air.

WAIR is the first anti-pollution scarf. It was developed with the aim of helping urban people to protect themselves against pollution, with style. WAIR, is a scarf considered as a true fashion accessory, which is coupled with a passive particle filter. Added to this is an active filtration box, inspired by professional devices. WAIR filters the finest microparticles (PM2.5) which are also the most harmful. An application to live better with pollution will also be available. It will provide a real-time mapping of air quality as well as tips and tricks to better protect against pollution. With WAIR you can protect yourself from this invisible threat while maintaining your style.

Differentiating and disruptive factors 

WAIR consists of a removable housing, a mask lined with a filter and a scarf. The housing contains the assisted ventilation system. Transferring the filtering effort from the user to the case allows the use of filters with very good filtration efficiency. A second filter is in the mask and allows a first level of use. The scarf is treated as a true fashion accessory. The textiles used are all eco-certified.

Finally, the WAIR application is a communication tool in its own right to encourage the use of WAIR scarves but also a tool to raise awareness of the dangers of air pollution, which is an essential mission of WAIR. The scarf combines the advantages of an excellent filtration of a classic anti-pollution mask, with the design of a fashion scarf and the information from the application. WAIR is thus more efficient, more comfortable, more aesthetic, more eco-responsible than all the anti-pollution masks currently available.

Urban pollution is a real scourge that is often overlooked. The World Health Organization (WHO) has sounded the alarm and published overwhelming figures on this major public health problem. This invisible killer is responsible for lung, heart, vascular and cancer diseases.

An innovative connected anti-pollution smart scarf Wair

It is  Wair who has developed this connected scarf which does not compromise either with efficiency or with aesthetics. As we already mentioned, the ergonomic scarf developed by the Lyon company can filter all particles larger than 0.1 micrometer. It thus filters 99% of the polluting gases but also the pollens and bacteria present in the air. Note however that it is necessary to regularly replace the filter system to ensure effective protection.

This scarf not only hides a powerful filtration system of the air. The fabric is also connected and offers, through an application, to know the pollution rate where you are. An alert system warns you when the pollution rate exceeds a certain threshold and it is better to wear your headscarf on your nose. The application also allows you to find out and find the least polluted route. A sensor on the scarf also indicates by its color if an air pollution threshold has been exceeded and it is therefore better to wear the headscarf.

Wair connected scarf application quality air port protection pollutants

The Wair connected headscarf was developed and designed for the 92% of the world’s population living in a polluted environment. Ideal for cyclists who ride in the middle of traffic, but it is also for pedestrians as well as sportsmen or users of a two-wheeler in major cities. However, the company does not say whether the protection system also works for the tear gas used by the police during certain events …

The Wair connected scarf is also a fashion accessory. The filtration system, available in 3 sizes, is cleverly concealed in the fabric and the company will offer fabrics of various colors and prints made of eco-certified materials.


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