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The air humidifier is a device that will allow you to maintain a healthy level of humidity in your home, especially during the winter season or cold periods, where the use of heating can have negative consequences on your health and that of your family.How to choose the best smart humidifiers?

If you are often ill in the winter, and have difficulty breathing, have a frequent cold or have a sore throat, poor humidity may be the cause. It is also useful to humidify the baby’s room in winter, to promote their well-being. But what are the criteria to take into account when choosing an air humidifier? How not to go wrong, and choose a product that will really meet your needs? This guide will help you do that.

Top 10 best smart humidifiers

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Types of smart humidifier

There are four main types of smart  humidifiers, and not all of them meet exactly the same needs.


  • The cold vapor evaporative humidifier: it is a very widespread system. Make sure that the humidifier is equipped with a filter to fight against bacteria and impurities that could degrade the quality of the air.
  • The hot vapor evaporative humidifier : the heat can directly solve the problems of impurity and bacteria, and can be a pleasant addition in winter. However, the maintenance of these humidifiers is more demanding.
  • Ultrasonic humidifier: The strength of the ultrasonic humidifier is its appreciable silent nature. However, it may require more maintenance than other humidifiers. It also needs a filter, so as not to release minerals into the air.
  • The ultraviolet humidifier : they have the particularity of disintegrating microbes. It is for example a smart choice to humidify the children’s room. The lamps are however to be changed quite regularly for the proper functioning of the device.

No type of humidifier is better than another. It is above all a question of need. If all types of humidifiers are right for you, you just need to base your final choice on the other criteria in our guide and the best price.

The area of ​​the room

You should verify that you are purchasing a suitable humidifier for the size of the room where you want to install it. To do this, nothing could be simpler: the manufacturers indicate this information on the technical data sheet of the products. You can therefore eliminate models that do not cover the correct area.


The flow

The higher the output of a humidifier, the faster it humidifies. A higher flow rate is generally positive, since it allows you to humidify a larger volume of air faster. However, it also always stands for a higher price.

It may be interesting to check the flow rate of the humidifier, especially if you plan to install it in a very high room, where the air volume will be large. If your room is of normal height, the area remains the main criterion.


Tank capacity

The capacity of the air humidifier tank is expressed in liters. Thereupon, your choice is very simple: take the largest possible tank capacity that matches your budget. This will prevent you from having to refill it too regularly, and means better autonomy for your air humidifier.



The autonomy is greatly influenced by the capacity of the tank. It is indicated by the manufacturers in number of hours. It is up to you to determine your needs in this regard. If you have heavy use throughout the winter, aim for the most self-contained devices, capable of lasting up to 22 hours.

If you acquire a humidifier to use it from time to time, you may prefer a model with a slightly lower autonomy but which will cost you less to purchase.


The presence of a hygrostat, a timer and an automatic shutdown

A hygrostat makes it possible to detect the humidity level. Humidifiers with a hygrostat can automatically shut off when the humidity level you set is reached. If you really want to master the air humidification process from start to finish, go for a model with a humidistat.

Some humidifiers have a timer that allows you to precisely choose the humidification time. If you invest, you can acquire an automatic humidifier, which will start and stop by itself to respect the humidity level that you have previously defined.


Additional features available

Air humidifiers may have additional options. The hygrostat, the programmer and the timer are usually part of what we spontaneously think of for this type of product. But some slightly more original options may interest you.

For example, some models of humidifiers are also capable of diffusing essential oils. An option to consider, whether it is to further improve your well-being or simply to have an air that is not only more breathable but also delicately scented.


Ease of maintenance

Humidifiers all require maintenance, and it’s an inevitable step. This could be to change filters, bulbs, or simply to clean them. Unfortunately, self-cleaning models have not yet been invented!

Your goal here will be to read the instructions provided by the manufacturers. Cleaning often requires disassembly of the device. So check, on the one hand that it is easy to disassemble, and on the other hand, that the maintenance process for each component is not too long or too tedious.

The brand and the guarantees

The last criterion of choice for you: the brand and the warranty of the device. There are brands that have a better reputation than others. Do not hesitate to consult the opinions available on the Internet and in online stores, you will quickly identify the brands you trust and those to avoid.

Finally, as always, we recommend that you choose products with the longest possible warranty, which is a guarantee of durability and good quality.

You can now choose your air humidifier taking into account all the relevant parameters. There are models for all budgets and all needs: you are bound to find the one you need!


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