AquaGenie, the connected and smart health water bottle

Eat five fruits and vegetables a day. Drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water a day. Two recommendations clarified by doctors to take care of our daily health. These goals are sometimes difficult to achieve but connected objects can help us. with AquaGenie, a connected bottle. This product is a smart health water bottle that allows you to stay hydrated thanks to a system of reminders and monitoring of your water consumption.

A connected smart health water bottle filled with sensors

Not drinking enough has real consequences for our health but also our sporting activity. We have less strength, we recover less quickly … In short it is really an important daily action. Yet the vast majority of us do not drink enough throughout the day. The connected AquaGenie Water Bottle wants to help you achieve your goals.

AquaGenie is a bit of a drinking buddy, she knows your water needs a day

This daily need is above all a goal that you will need to define. Embodying reliable and accurate sensors, AquaGenie will be able to provide you with a monitoring of your consumption and will not hesitate to call you to order as soon as necessary. No need to stay glued to your smartphone, the gourd will tell you that it is time to hydrate with a light ring located at the base of the object. If you want to check the progress of your goal, no need for your phone, just shake AquaGenie and the ring will tell you by a green or red color your progress … The application is available on iOS and Android. To recharge it, simply install it for 1 hour on its block.

To quench your thirst, it alters!
Keep in mind that we had not considered a prelude, too much drinking could also harm. Okay so it’s 1.5L, 2L per day ?!
And if we let ourselves be guided by AquaGenie!

Monitoring your water consumption with AquaGenie

There is not only water in this bottle …
… there is also Techno!
AquaGenie accompanies you everywhere and easily replaces your good old bottle of water.
Wireless, without port thus making the object perfectly waterproof, the gourd is equipped with a battery. You just have to place the object on its stand for one hour to get a week of autonomy.
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With the bluetooth, the data collected will be synchronized with the companion mobile application (compatible iOS and Android) but not that …
Indeed, the success of activity trackers has not escaped AquaGenie since the bottle is compatible with some wearables. Names like Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Health or Samsung S Health and MyFitnessPal are announced. A synergy that would allow the brand to integrate and complement this type of objects / applications.

The mobile application is interactive. You will be able to consult the history of days, weeks or months.
The synthesis of the information collected will help you better understand the effects of water on your body, your mood or your weight.

As for its design, the AquaGenie smart health water bottle is not quite cylindrical. It is slightly thinner on the upper part for a better grip. It is also equipped with a lid with closure.

Of course its use extends to all the family, since the bottle will become playful for all the children and very useful for our seniors thanks in particular to the reminders.

Available in 3 colors, AquaGenie smart health water bottle should be available for $ 70.

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