Now you can have this smart air-conditioned pillow that gives you a better sleep

A smart health product that follows your sleep and regulates the temperature of your pillow to improve your quality of sleep throughout the night.That’s Moona smart health pillow.

Body temperature is an important factor for sleep. Few people know this but body temperature is very important for a good sleep. You will no doubt have noticed that it is difficult for you to fall asleep at this time of heat wave or that, of course, you will turn your pillow towards the cooler side when you have trouble getting to sleep. In fact, the temperature of the body must fall by about one degree so that the induction of sleep done and the body must remain cooler all night. On the contrary, on awakening, the body needs to warm up to regain all its energy. This is why the French start-up Moona has developed a connected pillow that will offer a suitable temperature throughout your sleep.

The ideal temperature to fall asleep, sleep better and wake up naturally!

Moona: the connected smart health pillow that adapts its temperature

Concretely, the Moona connected pillow is connected to a cylindrical case to be placed on the nightstand by a pipe of 1.60 meters. Cool or heated water will circulate to provide the ideal temperature according to your sleep cycle. The membrane placed in the pillow is shape memory. The pillow also has sensors. An application with an algorithm will learn about your sleep cycles and offer the ideal temperature according to the period of sleep in which you are.

While averaging around 40 times per night, this can go up exponentially as the temperature in your bedroom increases. More effective than turning its pillow looking for a little cool, Moona has designed a thermoregulating device consisting of a thin membrane to slide under the pillowcase, connected to a box managing a closed circuit of water. This in order to regulate your temperature according to the different phases of sleep through a control system. No indication, however, about the technology embedded in this famous case, nor the autonomy or consumption of the device, at the time of writing this article.

For the connected key, Moona is coupled with a smartphone application that, besides the sleep tracking and personalized advice, warms the pillow half an hour before getting up for a wake up gently!

Like light therapy or music therapy, Moona offers a simple and natural solution using a factor so far underestimated, temperature. Awarded at Techstars 2017 during its official presentation in the United States, the start-up prepares the launch of its innovative pillow!

You can discover more about this smart healthy pillow  here.

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