Pkvitality presents its smart health device K’track

The French firm Pkvitality unveils two new products from its smart health device ktrack range, Athlete to improve the performance of sportsmen and Glucose to control the glycemic level of diabetics. Both products have been unveiled and are both award winners: the CES Innovation Award 2017 in the Fitness, Sport for Athlete and Wearable Technologies categories.

Presented in Las Vegas for the 2017 Consumer Electronic Show, the K’Track Athlete has many promises. Athletes will soon be able to improve their performance thanks to an analytical monitoring of lactic acid. This generally complex follow-up was carried out solely by means of often painful blood tests.

Smart health device Ktrack Athlete: A help for the sports field

The analysis of the level of this acid makes it possible to know the reaction of the muscles in the face of long-term efforts and recovery. This is an indicator of muscle fatigue. The lactic threshold determines the moment at which the acid accumulates in the blood at a rate higher than its evacuation. The lactic threshold analysis will allow coaches and athletes to adjust the intensity of their training on any type of activity, amateur or professional. It can be accessed by users for personal use and by coaches by simply pressing the device, or through a continuous mode.

The result of the performances is calculated on the basis of three main factors: the breathing, the heart rate and the pace of the effort (for the running for example.)

The K’Track Athlete has the advantage of giving accurate results, like the Fitbit Charge HR. The K’Track Athlete will be sold for the modest sum of 199 €.

K’Track Glucose: A medical and technological progress

Nearly 415 million diabetics may be interested in getting K’Track Glucose to control their blood sugar levels. Diabetes can have serious consequences for health. Nearly 20 years of research have been beneficial to scientists to develop the new “Skintaste” technology present in this K’Track Glucose.

This new technology uses micro-needles that analyze the interstitial fluid, a fluid encapsulating the cellular tissues. It analyzes the biomarkers present in this liquid. This fluid represents 16% of the weight of a person and is equivalent to 10 kilograms on the total weight of the individual.

This product can become a reference for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, often forced to perform a multitude of blood tests and check their blood glucose levels ten times a day. About 80% of diabetic users do not consult it often enough, which can lead to very significant risks.

By directly broadcasting the statistics on the screen of the device, Pkvitality privileges the facility of interface and use, which allows the user to move only with the tracker, without forcing him to have a additional touch pad. A mobile application available on iOS and Android is required for the user. Through this, he can set his alerts and reminders about the consultation of his blood glucose. The size of K’Track Glucose appears to be advantageous for active users.

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