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Teach Wear is the name of the garment being developed for the prevention of back pain. We were able to get close to the product with multiple features at the VivaTech 2019.

Are you prone to back pain? The concept of Teach Wear will certainly delight you. The product was introduced at VivaTech 2019. It aims to prevent back pain and musculoskeletal disorders through real-time data recovery.

Teach Wear: An upheaval for medicine

The garment intends to reinvent practices in the medical world. Today, many patients are sent health home following back surgery. This does not make it easy to follow up with doctors and when pain returns, it can be difficult to get an appointment quickly.


Teach Wear wants to work hand in hand with hospitals to enable remote monitoring of patients by their doctor. Thus, the Teach Wear would instantly send data to the doctor when the wearer of the garment feels pain. When they are at health home, patients who produce painful movements may be advised at a distance. The system would work by an application where the user can also consult an avatar himself indicating the precise location of the pain.

Back pain, the nemesis of workers

Teach Wear also aims to revolutionize the world of business. Recovered data can be interpreted so that the company adjusts its workspace accordingly. Our interlocutor refers to office chairs, often responsible for back pain. In handling, where the pains are daily, the object will be even more beneficial. Teach Wear can also make a correlation between back pain and work schedules, certain hours being particularly subject to suffering.

It's a euphemism to say that a garment like Teach Wear is a necessity. According to the 5th European Survey of Working Conditions of Eurofound, 47% of European workers say they have suffered back pain in the 12 months preceding the survey. In 2017, in France 12 million working days were lost because of back pain according to the survey published by the health insurance.

Follow back pain, even on Mars

Currently integrated into the Microsoft ShareAI project, the company collaborates with hospitals in Paris, but also with a space laboratory, LATMOS. The project is embarked on the UVSQ SAT ONE mission to certify capture materials to participate in Martian conquest missions. Just that.

Teach Wear will also have a lot to do on Earth when it comes out. It remains to be seen if it will be effective. The project could reach its certification phase in the next three years.


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