The connected smart belt 2breathe will make you forget insomnia

Do you have sleep problems or feel tired when you wake up? Maybe your sleep is not really restorative? Sleep is one of the key elements in the proper functioning of our body. The device smart belt 2breathe aims to improve the sleeper nights, without using any drugs, but simply using techniques similar to relaxation, yoga and meditation.

While it is important to exercise regularly to stay healthy as long as possible, health organizations keep repeating, sleep is also essential to well-being. There are many connected objects related to sleep, which will allow us to know if we slept well or not. For some the problem is not to have a restful sleep but rather to fall asleep. It is sometimes difficult to empty one’s mind in order to fall asleep quickly. This is the purpose of 2breathe with its connected belt that will promote falling asleep by controlling the breathing of its user.

And while several studies show that being active during the day is beneficial for sleep, it is not always easy to recover easily.

If you have not found your happiness among the best connected objects dedicated to sleep, 2breathe may be the device you’ve been waiting for. 2breathe is more for those who have trouble disconnecting their brains when falling asleep, it combines old methods of breathing and modern technology, a connected belt and a smartphone application. It will help the user to fall asleep more quickly and offer him a report that details his process of falling asleep.

The connected smart belt 2breathe

2breathe uses intelligent, connected technology that aims to help the patient sleep properly by controlling their breathing. The device associates with an application and the phone.

Falling asleep in a snap of a finger can be a great feat. Our mind, often baffled by the day and the job, plays tricks on us when it comes to falling asleep quickly.
And it is on this component that 2breathe focuses, trying to guide you faster in the arms of morphea just by controlling your breathing.

Conceptualized by an Israeli start-up, 2breathe has a belt that you will have around your abdomen before bedtime. Equipped with a small box itself equipped with sensors that will analyze the movements of your diaphragm, 2breathe synchronize these statements with the dedicated mobile application (compatible iOS for the moment).

These recorded and analyzed data will then be converted into real-time sounds that will gradually guide you towards prolonged breathing and slow breathing. Then layer your breathing with the rhythm proposed by the device and see the effects!

In addition, the company also offers a subscription system with a personalized coach that will provide the necessary elements for a good sleep.

A detailed report

The application generates a detailed report of the process of falling asleep. When waking up, the user will be able to know the time that took him to fall asleep and get all the details of the breaths in the form of a graph. The technique used by 2breathe is similar to those found in yoga or meditation and relaxation sessions. It will help the user to clear his mind and focus on his breathing to fall asleep faster and more calmly.
 Via the application, you will be able to consult daily a report relating to the process of falling asleep and that breath by breath.
2breathe also provides a sleep diary, tips and tutorials to optimize your sleep.

2breathe is available for $ 179.95 from the start-up website.

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