Anti-Snore Wearable: the ultimate connected snoring cuff?

Snoring may be perfectly uncomfortable for his or her partner and unfortunately he does not have much to do against it. There are lots of grandmother’s techniques and stuff, sometimes it sometimes does not work. Maybe technology is the answer? One company has developed a smart anti-snoring cuff, simply called Anti-Snore Wearable. A Kickstarter campaign has just been launched to finance this project.

Are you tired of being woken up by your elbow in the ribs because your snoring keeps him awake? The connected Anti-Snore Wearable object could probably interest you. This connected cuff is developed by the Dutch company It is currently seeking to finance itself to be able to produce and market its product on a large scale and chose for this purpose one of the favorite crowdfunding platforms of start-ups, Kickstarter.

Anti-Snore Wearable, to finish with snoring

This connected cuff, which the person concerned will place at the level of the biceps before going to bed, will vibrate every time he detects snoring or the grinding of his wearer’s teeth. Snoring or cringe usually occurs while the person is sleeping on their backs. Thus, this small vibration will cause him to move and put himself on the side, stopping in fact these unpleasant noises before it awakens the one who sleeps at his side. According to the manufacturer, the cuff will activate the vibration only if its wearer is in light sleep, the goal is not to wake him. In the same vein, the REM-Fit company has been offering the Zeeq pillow since last summer.

How does this armband work? In fact, no microphone is placed on the Wearable Anti-Snore. No, the device is connected to the smartphone of its carrier by Bluetooth and it will listen through the dedicated application that will have to be installed beforehand. It is a small inconvenience, so that the cuff is effective, it will be necessary that the person who wears it keeps his smartphone lit near her.

A dedicated application

The application, which is downloadable on Google Play and App Store platforms, can also be used without the armband. This app will allow snorers to record a bunch of data to determine what factors are causing this snoring. Smoking, drinking alcohol or taking certain medications for example. People will be able to get a better idea of ​​what causes snoring and perhaps give them some tips to apply some changes in their habits. Other manufacturers offer connected objects to improve the quality of sleep.

Is the Wearable Anti-Snore cuff effective? It is too early to say, it will be necessary to wait for the first returns. However, if you are a snorer and have tried everything in vain, why not go for something new?

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