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(Review) The Japanese brand Casio returns with a new smart health connected watch the Pro Trek Smart WSD-F30. This "outdoor" watch is intended for outdoor sports enthusiasts, hiking, winter sport fishing, and others. Equipped with a barometer, a compass, a GPS that can use up to five offline maps, this watch is made for hikers and budding explorers.

  • Mark : Casio
  • Model: Pro Trek Smart WSD-F30
  • Category: smart health connected watch
  • Autonomy: 1.5 days in normal use, extend mode about 1 month
  • Dimensions: 61.7mm x 57.7mm x 15.3mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 83 g
  • Connection: Bluetooth and Wifi
  • Availability: already available
  • Tested with: Samsung
  • Casio Pro Trek Smart price: 549 euros

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Buy the Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F30:

Casio returns with a new watch "outdoor" imagined for treks. The WSD-F30 is equipped with a mapping functionality so you can follow your progress. It also has a barometer, from compass, a altimeter and many other features. The new Casio watch is therefore designed for budding hikers. One of its main features is the accompaniment during the hikes, it will be able to serve also during a fishing session, of kayak or when winter sports. The Casio Pro trek Smart has a resistance standard MIL-STD-810G. It is the same as those of the US Army. She is very resistant. Check out our comprehensive Review for pricing, features and our opinion on the WSD-F30.

Unboxing of the Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F30

Casio's latest watch comes in a box gray, simple and rectangular. The packaging does not really feel the adventurer side.

Unboxing for TEST casio pro treck Smart

Once it's open, we discover the watch on the left side. On the right side, there is a label with the main information as the name of the watch or the two main sports it offers, hiking and fishing.

Unboxing for TEST casio pro treck Smart

With the watch are provided a quick start guide and the power cable.

Design and ergonomics of Casio's new watch

The WSD-F30 has a masculine and imposing design. Ladies or little wrist, we advise you to abstain. After this watch is intended for sport, so it has not designed for everyday use.

Desing of the casio pro treck Smart

This watch displays its side for sportsmen. We notice at first glance that she is very solid. The watch was made for avoid scratches. Three buttons are present on the right side of the Casio Pro Trek Smart. The middle one displays the menu with all applications, the bottom one is a shortcut to tools, the compass, the barometer or the calorie counter. The top button displays the map. The last two buttons are however customizable.

Desing of the casio pro treck Smart

On the left side of the watch is the magnetic location for recharging. In our Review of the Casio Pro Trek Smart, it often has a tendency to fall. A connection a little stronger would not have been too much.

The Casio Pro trek Smart is equipped with sensors useful for hiking : pressure sensor (air, altitude), accelerometer, gyrometer, magnetic compass. We will regret, however, theabsence of cardiac sensors.

The interface is very successful. His use is simple and fairly intuitive. The colors are bright and it is even possible to change the presentation dial. Many are available, they will suit the tastes of each.

Different dials present on the casio Por Treck Smart

Features of Casio WSD-F30

The Pro Trek Smart offers several sports: hiking, cycling, paddle or snow. Each type of activity has its own settings. We tested only the hiking mode. With this one is displayed the height difference from the descent and the climb, the speed in m / h or again distance traveled. The information provided is basic. We regret the absence of the display of walking speed.

Casio pro treck Smart mode display

The Casio Pro Treck Smart is equipped with the standard resistance MIL-STD-810G. It's the US military, so it's resistant to shocks, dust, vibrations. It's a watch ultra tenacious, perfect for outdoor sports. In addition, the watch is waterproof. It is waterproof until 50 meters. So you can take it everywhere with you. Be careful though, this watch was not designed for scuba diving, it could be dangerous. The WSD-F30 can go up to one minimum temperature minus ten degrees. It is not suitable if you want to go hiking in high mountains, Russia or Canada.

A screen makes it possible to look at all the information thanks to the various sensors that are present on the watch. So we can access the compass, altimeter, barometer, tide graph, or the hours of days. The only missing one and one of the most important is the one for temperature.

One of the main features of this watch is that it offers the possibility of map his hike. So you can find on your watch and on your phone the route you have made. It is possible to add an end point to follow directly the GPS of the watch. However, it does not work in the city, not offering the opportunity to follow the path of the streets. It is moreover possible to configure notifications of the watch. For example, when you go one kilometer, or when you have climbed 100 meters, the watch vibrates. Interesting feature that allows you to track your progress without necessarily watching the watch.

Cartography of the Casio pro treck Smart

Another of the advantageous features of this watch is the extend mode. It allowsoptimize the battery. When activated, the wifi and Bluetooth are no longer active and let only the GPS alight. We do not bother over with superfluous features. In extend mode, the watch goes to the essentials. She can hold up three days thanks to this feature. In addition, to save battery power, it is possible to schedule periods during which it is desired that the watch be in sleep mode. This again allows to optimize the battery. The Casio Pro Trek Smart is equipped with a double OLED screen. You can choose to use one over another according to your needs. TheA poster the colors, the other is as for him, monochrome, and only gives the time or altitude. With the latter shows it to a life of one month. In normal usehowever, know that the WSD-F30 holds on average a day and half.

The Casio Smart Pro Trek comes with an application: Wear OS. This behind allows configure basic data of the watch, date, notifications or time. It also allows to change the different dials. However, the app offers few possibilities. It is possible to download several other applications to access the features of the watch on his phone. You will be able to download Casio rental Memory which allows access to real-time localization and allows 5 cards to be downloaded for offline access. It is also possible to download Casio Tools which allows to give access to the sensors Pro trek, altimeter, compass or barometer. Lastly, the application Casio Active is available. It allows to follow sports activities with the possibility of exporting. It's applications allow to have access to all the data of the Casio Pro trek Smart. However, that makes many different platforms that complicate its use. It would have been nice to have them together in one application.

Fonctionnalities lifestyle are not Casio's priority on this watch model. The WSD-F30 focuses on sports activities leaving aside, NFC payment or integrated music. It is however possible to receive calls, notifications and download applications to listen to music. With Android devices, it is also possible to reply to SMS.

The Casio Pro Trek Smart against the competition

The Casio Pro Tteck Smart is not the only smart health connected watch for sportsmen on the market. She faces a size competition. The WSD-F30 has some cool features, however, what about the other watches?

Apple Watch 3

the apple watch 3 at less than 300 € for cyber monday

This watch is one of the best present on the market. It is equipped with a GPS directly integrated into the watch. In addition, it has a cardio sensor, of the 4G, one music player and it is even possible to make calls with the Watch 3. This watch is very complete however, it is only compatible with IOS. In addition, it is necessary to download several applications to make the most of all the advantages of this watch. Some small defects that taint its quality. The Apple Watch 3 is available at the price of 449 euros.

Polar Vantage V

polar vantage v smartwatch

The Polar Vantage V is intended for high-level athletes, even to the professionals. This watch is a real laboratory for analyzing your sports sessions. In addition to the basic features offered by sports watches, the Polar Vantage offers the calculation of the developed power during the effort, a detailed analysis of his training and you will alert even when it is too intensive. Its design is geared towards athletes and therefore not more aesthetic. Just like the Casio Smart Trek One she does not offer the features lifestyle like listening to music or contactless payment. You will have to pay 449 euros to get it.

Withings Steel HR Sport

Withings Steel HR sport test

This watch is also intended for athletes. It offers more 30 different sports and many features. In addition, she has a very great autonomy of 25 days. However we can blame him for not not be equipped with GPS or a music player and a contactless payment. The Steel HR Sport however has a sober design and passepartout, much more discreet than its competitors. It is at the price of 199 euros.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music

This watch offers the features that are required for sports watches, 15 integrated sports, GPS, cardio and many others. In addition, she features lifestyle smart health connected watches. You can pay with or with access to your music. The Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music is compatible with IOS and Android. It is therefore one of the most complete sports watches on the market. Its price is also quite attractive. count 310 euros to get it for you.

Conclusion of the Review of the Pro Trek Smart Casion

We were able to discover during our Review of the Casio Pro trek Smart a very solid smart health connected watch. Its standard of resistance MIL-STD-810G, is not stolen. For its primary functionality, the trek, it is very convenient. All the important data for that are in, cartography, compass, barometer and many others. We can however blame him for not calculating walking speeds. For a hiking watch, it's still quite important.

The WSD-F30 has a very powerful battery thanks to its extend mode. Until a month of autonomythis is not insignificant. Moreover, even offline, it is possible to use GPS. Nevertheless, normal use it holds a day and a half. What remains in the norm, but a little weak when we know that it offers few features lifestyle. This smart health connected watch focuses more on the sporting aspects. It is however possible to download applications and launch music in Bluetooth. It is also possible to make calls. The only point missing is the NFC payment. Of many applications exist, offering the ability to access all the features of the phone. Nevertheless, it would have been nice to have them together on one for ease.

Its imposing design reflects its resistance. However, it is far too thick for a small wrist or for everyday use. This watch is intended only for sports use.

In general, the Casio Pro Trek Smart is a good watch for lovers of outdoor sports and hiking. Nevertheless, at the price of 549 eurosit remains quite expensive for now.

Good points

  • Very solid
  • High performance battery thanks to the extend mode
  • Offline GPS usage
  • Practical and beautiful simple menu
  • sweatband

Negative points

  • To our taste much too big
  • One day of battery without economy mode
  • A case too thick for a small wrist
  • No calculation of walking speed
  • missing lifestyle features (music, call)

Design and ergonomics – 7

Ease of use – 8.5

Application – 5

Features – 6

Value for money – 5


Design and Ergonomics : a watch that is intended for athletes. She does not try to be pretty but resistant. It can not be used for everyday use.

Ease of use : His menu is beautiful, simple and intuitive.

Application : the application is very useful only to change the basic data. .

features : This watch is intended for outdoor sports. It offers a multitude of features that are similar to that. However, we can blame him for not being equipped with a heart rate meter or walking speed. In addition, it does not offer lifestyle features.

Quality / price ratio : This watch is a bit expensive for the features it offers.

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