ReMind , the connected mp3 that against Alzheimer’s disease

Music has many virtues: it allows us to feel emotions, to change our emotional state or to immerse ourselves in old memories. But it also helps to strengthen and remind the memory! See this smart health device against Alzheimer’s disease.

Artistic practices at the service of therapy

According to the American Alzheimer’s Foundation, music helps to improve memory and helps to remember things long enough: “Most people associate music with important, significant events and a wide range of emotions. The connection is so strong that even years later, hearing music can bring out the memories of that moment. ” However, if traditional medicine has not yet found a miracle cure, digital therapy solutions such as therapeutic serious games or the ReMind project help the patient in his daily struggle.

The mp3 at the service of health

The principle ? Associate a piece of music with a person. The mp3 works with a smartphone application, with each visit you can remotely launch the piece of music associated with you: a bridal walk for a spouse, a particular song for a child or a grandchild.


This process helps people with Alzheimer’s disease to remember their identity for the longest time, as well as that of their family members. If unfortunately the patient can not remember, the music “helps at least to calm down by reducing stress”.
But its function does not stop there, when the patient is alone, the mp3 also serves as a companion to remember a time, or a year by playing a song or a music of the time.

A project that seduces but …

We do not have more information about this beautiful accessory that for a moment, the time of a song could revive Alzheimer’s patients a memory of a better life. Let’s hope that this project does not remain forgotten or frozen to the status of concept but that it develops and commercializes one day.

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