Recommendations for valuing health data at the hospital


For this study entitled "Health data, what value for health care facilities?", The authors interviewed caregivers, patient organizations, hospital executives, publishers and the Shared Health Information Systems Agency. Asip health).

It was developed by a working group of the HDI co-chaired by Ségolène Perin, Director of Innovation Elsan, and Patrick Olivier, CEO of Ivbar France.

The goal of the HDI is to improve access and exploitation of health data and "to encourage health care institutions to develop a strategy for exploiting the data they generate for two purposes: the supply of care and the improvement of internal efficiency ", recalls the think tank in a press release.

To this end, he made three recommendations.

It encourages institutions to "put in place a collaborative approach facilitating access for health professionals to relevant indicators, operable and returned in an ergonomic way".

During the HDI Day organized at the Imagine Institute in Paris, Patrick Olivier insisted on the need for "the technicality of the data disappears in favor of the indicator", so that the carers can seize it easily. This complexity requires that data be processed "on an industrial scale", he said.

The think tank also recommends that institutions "inform patients via their website of studies conducted as part of an MR-004" (reference methodology for non-human research, studies and evaluations in the health field) and "to inform patients of the results of published studies".

Anne Buisson, deputy director of the AFA Crohns Patient Association at HDI Day, emphasized the "need for transparency and feedback from the data", recalling that patients produce the data used.

The HDI also wants "an orientation of existing or future public subsidy programs in favor of the deployment of services based on health data warehouses".

Finally, he proposed "to collaborate with representatives of health professionals" to develop a "practical guide to regulatory and technical aspects for the establishment of registers (or other datasets) reporting medical practices."

"Position paper" of the Healthcare Data Institute "Health data, what value for care institutions?"


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