Quick Neo SL, Cannondale's urban and sports pedelec


Fast and functional, Cannondale's Quick Neo SL power-assisted bike will accompany you for sports or simply for a ride.

Small, the device wants to be easy to use and tries to resemble as much as possible a classic bicycle. For more comfort, the position is straight while a forward tilt provides more efficiency and control. This exit follows very closely that of another model of the brand, the Canvas NEO.

The Cannondale Quick Neo SL is lightweight

To equip the Quick Neo SL, Cannondale chose a Mahle ebikemotion engine weighing 3.5 kg. This system allows the machine to be among the lightest pedelecs currently available. You will not have any problem to carry it everywhere.

Placed on the hub, the engine has a power of 250 W. A 250 Wh battery concealed in the diagonal tube feeds it. The assistance offers three levels to help you in different scenarios (climb, sport, etc.).

electric bike cannondale quick neo sl

A design designed for efficiency

Largely realized in aluminum to minimize weight, Cannondale's Quick Neo SL uses carbon for the fork. This ensures the reactivity of the machine. In addition, a geometry of direction outfront facilitates high speed driving.

A unisex version (with no upper tube) and a classic version are available. Both have tires 700 x 80c. And thanks to integrated supports, we will be able to quickly install luggage racks or mudguards.

Intellimount stem of the vae cannondale quick neo sl

Cyclist smart health connected, bike smart health connected

The Quick Neo SL ships a Cannondale wheel sensor which records several data: distance traveled, speed or number of calories burned. It also allows you to know the level of CO2 emissions saved by pedaling.

To access this information, you will only have to see a application on his smartphone. One can even easily consult it by fixing its mobile device on the gallows Intellimount of the manufacturer. In this way, we have a real mini-dashboard.

But apart from teaching the cyclist his level of activity, the app also gives indications on the condition of the machine to know when to maintain it.

If you are interested, Quick Neo SL is already available at the price of 2099 euros.

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