Polar Ignite determines your true state of fatigue


The Polar Ignite is a fitness watch that determines the level of fatigue and recovery. It tells the wearer if he can do a workout or if he needs to rest.

The market for smart health connected bracelets and watches has almost reached saturation. There are many products and they have pretty much all the same functions. To stand out from the competition, manufacturers must offer new and interesting applications. That's what Polar is trying to do, a specialist in heart rate monitors and fitness watches. Their latest, the Polar Ignite, embodies this evolution thanks to its measurement of fitness and level of recovery.

In addition to the now-usual sleep tracking function, the watch also assesses the degree of recovery. This is the feature called Nightly Refill. Using a optical sensor, the device measures the state of the autonomic nervous system overnight. It is the one who manages the functions not subject to voluntary control of the human body. So, he can calculate the true state of fatigue and not just the one we feel. From there, the Polar Ignite communicates with the FitSpark app which will then offer a suitable training or recovery session.

The Polar Ignite replaces your sports coach

The Polar Ignite also offers breathing exercises, and a system of study of the phases of sleep. It also has other common features on this kind of products today. It is therefore its application of precise measurement of fatigue that made it stand out. Sports enthusiasts, muscu enthusiasts and other physical exercises should be able to optimize alone their daily training. Fitness watches and smart health connected wristbands are getting closer and closer to a real sports coach. Will people end up completely without their service? To offer you the Polar Ignite, you will have to pay € 199.90.


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