Our selection of the 3 best smart health connected watches


In the country of smart health connected watches, the GPS and cardio functions are queen. It is impossible for a manufacturer to ignore both these technologies when designing their smartwatch. Here are our Top 3 Best Cardio GPS Watches.

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In 2018 the smartwatch rhymes with function GPS and cardio. Difficult for the consumer to choose from all the smartwatchs that are available without having to consult the running guide. And of course, not all watches are equal in terms of accuracy of heart rate calculation or your location. Here is our selection of the three best cardio / GPS watches.

The Polar Vantage V: the Rolls-Royce of smart health connected watches

The Polar Vantage V deserves its first place on the podium. Any cardio watch had gone so far in the accuracy of measuring the heart rate. At the time of writing this article, she is the only one to be equipped with nine Green and red infrared LEDs. Against one or two for most cardio smartwatchs on the market. Add to that it can be coupled with a lap belt of the same brand to be sure to have, in real time, the number, per minute, of heartbeat.

The Polar Vantage V, unlike the Polar Vantage M integrates the very precise GPS function, without having to be close to your smartphone. Very practical to follow the course of his training.

The Fitbit Ionic: An excellent choice price / quality ratio of smartwatch cardio

Fitbit is a key player in smart health connected health and did not do things in half with its Fitbit Ionic. At the price of 250 euros you'll have access to the features of cardio and GPS as well as all the coaching features of Fitbit. The watch offers personalized training to the user as well as indications with videos in support to achieve the best exercises.

The Samsung Gear Sport: A very robust cardio watch

samsung gear sport fitness

The Samsung Gear Sport is a great alternative to the Fitbit Ionic. The watch is very robust and is equipped with a cardio sensor of two LEDs, red and green with a very acceptable accuracy. For only 150 euros it also includes an independent GPS system that will allow you to follow the route of your course without needing the help of his phone.


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