Oticon Opn integrates IFTTT


Blinders for the ears

The history of hearing aids began with simple tubes. It initially evolved into analogue, later digital behind-the-ear devices, in-ear devices and ex-earphone devices. However, all common hearing aids have one basic problem in common: they are not sufficiently fast and accurate. The user can only focus on sounds that come from a single direction. This makes it difficult to naturally perceive the environment and to follow conversations in larger groups. The Opn hearing system is available as an ex-listener. It is the most widely sold hearing aid design suitable for almost any wearer.

BrainHearing – a new listening quality

Opn sees itself as a real revolution among digital hearing aids: the hearing aid promises a better sound transmission with crystal clear tones. Sounds that flow from different directions to the user, the device plays back simultaneously. Where conventional hearing aids limit the wearer to one-person conversation, Opn allows one to follow the jumbled clutter of a group conversation. This is made possible by the built-in, powerful Velox chip. It scans the environment 100 times a second to analyze sounds in a 360 ° radius and to eliminate noise between words. The manufacturer calls this effect BrainHearing.

Oticon Opn smart hearing aid with app connection

Oticon Opn smart hearing aid with app connection


Smarter assistant with IoT features

Opn is the first hearing aid that connects to the Internet and connects to third-party services through IFTTT. Upon request, the hearing aid informs its wearer by voice notification of important events that are taking place at health home. For example, in conjunction with a ring doorbell when a visitor is at the door. Presets make it easy to get the most out of different listening situations. For watching TV, such a setting is available. In conjunction with a Harmony remote control, the TV will also switch on as soon as this setting is selected on the hearing aids. In addition, a variety of other applications are conceivable. For example, notifications if the alarm system or the smoke detector was triggered at health home and an SMS notification with low battery level of the hearing aids.

Installation of the Oticon Opn

All IFTTT networking options are available directly in the Oticon ON app (iOS and Android) and set up. You can also set voice announcements, adjust the volume of the hearing aids and check the battery status. And if the devices ever get lost, they can easily be found using the app: For this purpose, the location on which the hearing aids and telephone were last smart health connected is displayed on a map. On-site, the app gives a notification as soon as the smartphone is in close proximity to the lost hearing aids. The device does not require any prior technical knowledge – just install the app on your smartphone and connect the hearing aids via Bluetooth. For the use with IFTTT also an Oticon ON account is necessary. IFTTT is already possible useful recipes for the hearing aids Find. The device has a 312 battery with a duration of about six days and a speaker in the ear canal. It is certified to IP68 and therefore has dust and moisture protection.

Construction of the Opn hearing aid from Oticon

Construction of the Opn hearing aid from Oticon


Technical specifications

  • 64 frequency channels for a stable signal and clear noise resolution
  • Extremely fast Velox chip that analyzes the environment 100 times a second for noises
  • TwinLink communication system allows direct transmission of sounds and conversations from the smartphone to the hearing aid
  • Spatial Sound LX transmits the sounds from one ear to the other, for a spatial listening experience

Prices and availability

In the trade costs Oticon Opn 2,390 euros (as of January 2017). It should be noted that two of the devices are needed as a pair.



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