Meersens, immediately measure the quality of the environment around you

A smart healthy box designed by the Lyon start-up Meersens can measure the quality of your environment.You can control and measure everything around you with this attractive connected object.

An invitation to play the whistleblowers on the quality of the environment

An application on iOS or Android, a connected box available from the general public. The idea is to have data about your environment immediately. The mobile app mCheck allows, through open data, to test, identify and better understand the environmental risks that can affect our health worldwide. The application can also scan objects in a supermarket and thus have access to information such as allergens or a possible product recall.

Above all, the app plays the community card with a whistleblower system. You are in a noisy street, you can alert other users. The housing will complement the application from the beginning of the year to test more accurately certain risks: air quality, noise and waves. Other interchangeable sensors should emerge for water quality, pesticides or endocrine disruptors. The price of the case should however be around a hundred euros.

Meersens, what is it?

The French are once again in the spotlight for this edition of CES 2019 with different startups proposing beautiful innovations. Meersens is one of these Made in France companies offering a “mBox” modular housing. It allows to insert different sensors in the form of capsules named mSens, up to 3 at the same time. Each has a specific function and is for single or multiple use to measure its immediate environment, including:

Air quality
Water quality
Other sensors should complete this list over time.

How to receive this information about my immediate environment?

The information collected by these mSens capsules introduced in the case is transmitted in Bluetooth Low Energy to your mCheck mobile application. You visualize the results as a risk index:

Blue / Green: safe
Yellow / Orange: moderately dangerous
Red: high risk

It is possible to check the details of the information collected, in accordance with the WHO standards and to have a personalized result of the risks, according to its profile, previously informed about the application. The advantage of the solution is to be able not only to retrieve information on demand from different aspects of its environment, but also to personalize its use, by selecting the elements that may represent a danger, more particularly for your profile and according to your location, such as pollution. air, pesticides or waves for electrosensitive people, to name just a few examples.

You can of course have several different capsules and change at any time those of your choice, according to your desires, in your modular box mBox. The data will remain confidential and will only be used to calculate the risk index for the user.

In order to obtain an optimal reliability, a correlation of the results will be realized thanks to the community of users around you. This community can also, just like the famous Waze GPS application, launch alerts about potential risks in your location. The mobile app mCheck is also educational with different tutorials available detailing the risks that the user faces.

We like a solution like Meersens to send us detailed information about what is around us, to better understand the risks on a daily basis and to be able to take precautions accordingly.

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