Lavazza persists and launches its 100% compostable capsules


After its compostable capsules for machines A modo Mio, Lavazza delivers the cover with 100% compostable and Nespresso compatible capsules. An approach that proves that builders are exploring a greener approach.

Coffee machines have been present in our kitchens for a long time and the coffee capsule market is doing quite well. Indeed, a report from Nielsen Holdings plc (international data measurement and analysis company) shows that the percentage of French households buying these products has increased from 54.56% in 2015 to 62.5% in 2019. But there is a setback to this medal: waste that generates.

Lavazza understood this and launched a range of Nespresso compatible capsules, 100% compostable industrially. Called Eco Caps, these capsules comply with the international standard IN 13432 TÜV Austria certified to guarantee that the product can be composted.

Eco Caps Capsules consist of a biopolymer that, in theory, has no trace of oil – unlike plastic. Biopolymers are created from masses of plants or animals. Contacted by the Digital, the brand did not wish to reveal the exact composition of its new capsules.

According to the technical sheet, the Eco Caps break down in 180 days by a industrial process. They are thrown into the "vegetable waste" compartment of their trash. It is therefore easier for the consumer to go to a collection point to recycle used Nespresso capsules.

As for taste, Lavazza offers four flavors for its Eco Caps. For the Espresso Armonico, the Deciso, the Lungo Intenso, it takes € 2.85 for a box of 10 capsules and € 2.95 for that of the Espresso Bio-Organic. They will be able to adapt to Krups Nespresso Pixie or Krups Nespresso Prodigio.

Difficult recycling

Aluminum pods and capsules are difficult to recycle because they require special treatment. Indeed, recycling centers must be equipped with a eddy current machine (MCF) in order to recover the aluminum thanks to a polarized wheel that attracts this metal like a magnet. Today, in France, only 27 waste treatment sitesabout 200 are equipped with this tool.

To help with the recycling of these capsules, Nespresso is involved in the Metal Project. The latter, created in 2014, aims to bring together all the actors of production and sorting to reduce the environmental impact of products. Metal Project It brings together the Association of Mayors of France (AMF), Eco-Emballages (eco-organization in charge of sorting and recycling) and CELAA (Club for lightweight packaging in aluminum and steel), of which Nespresso is a founding member.


Lavazza is not at its first Review in the field of biodegradable capsules. In 2015, the manufacturer presented its biodegradable paper pods for its A modo Mio machines, such as Deséa.

We have also crossed another solution to reduce its environmental impact when using capsule machines: the Capsulier. This device allows you to encapsulate reusable capsules for Nespresso machines, and thus to zero the used capsule counter.

It seems that manufacturers are slowly becoming aware that a market is to be filled with biodegradable products and eco-friendly in the world of coffee. Why not one day see vegan capsules.


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