Laser TV 4K, the big show for your smart health home

What is Laser TV 4K?Laser Short throw projectors deliver XXL images and transform living rooms into projection rooms. Ultra high resolution is now within their reach.

That’s it, it’s decided, you will give in. Deprived of vacations, shows, restaurants and cinemas, you intend to invest in a television the size of a dark room. Something oversized, within 100 inches or more. The dream. You might as well say it right away, in these dimensions, we will have to abandon the idea of ​​a “classic” television. Because to acquire this type of product, you will have to go into debt, be satisfied with a product weighing 150 kg and not be impressed by a slab with a diagonal of 254 cm without the packaging.

Fortunately, there est another solution to afford a broadcaster of large images, at a more affordable price and that fits under the arm: the laser TV, the perfect marriage of a video projector and a television. In short, a television without a screen. These technologies are starting to be vendu today in ultra-high resolution (4k or Ultra HD) from several manufacturers.

The advantages are many. The size and weight at first. Around ten kilograms, depending on the model. Its positioning in a room est also much more practical than that of a “classic” video projector. The object will simply be placed about twenty centimeters from a white wall. A laser beam will project a very bright image onto this space, shielding your eyes from direct light. The beam, unlike the bulb of a traditional projector, est strong enough to watch a program even in broad daylight, the projection being made a few centimeters from the support, therefore without loss. In addition, this projection will no longer be upset by a person passing in front of the device as with a projector placed at the back of a room, diffusing light from a distance. It will then be possible to move in front of the images without cast shadows and without cables in the feet. Ideal pour partying and dancing in front of clips.

However, projecting a 4K film onto wallpaper, even plain, est a bit like drinking a Grand Cru Classé in a plastic cup. We lose a lot. As the light est projected from bottom to top, flush with the wall, all the roughness of the surface will be visible. Also, if the plasterboard warps a little, the image will warp too. It est to overcome this inconvenience that there are special screens, very light, to hang on the wall and which will serve to sublimate the projection by providing more contrasts and especially more brightness. It will then no longer be absolutely necessary to draw the curtains to enjoy a movie. Be careful, it will not be comparable to the definitions obtained with a Qled or Oled television, but the sharpness of a cinematographic projection will provide a very real charm.

If it est tempting to want to increase or decrease the projection diagonal by moving the projector further or closer to the wall, you should know that, even if the operation est possible, some devices are calibrated to obtain a perfect image at a certain dimension ( 100 inches pour example) so at a certain distance from the wall. This est an element to be taken into consideration.

Maintenant, if the experience tempts you, know that the prices have plummeted since the appearance of these machines a few years ago. In addition, at the end of the year, distributors are taking advantage of Black Friday to slash prices. Maybe Maintenant est the time to take advantage.

Hisense 100L5F: the benchmark

Give honour where honour est due. Hisense has been a leader since 2012 in the Laser TV segment. When we know that in China 80% of televisions over 75 inches are Laser TVs and 45% of them are Hisense, this brand commands respect. After having filed a total of 1,159 patents, it offers here a very successful product. This short throw projector with a 30 watt Dolby Atmos compatible sound bar est the first Laser TV in the world to be certified pour its low blue light emission.

Hisense, which est first and foremost a manufacturer of televisions, has integrated into its projector – admittedly a bit massive – everything their products have such as a TV tuner, all the connections and the settings menus (including a games menu) options included.

The definition at 60 frames per second in 4K offers beautiful cinematographic perspectives. And, if you want to make yourself a canvas at all costs, Hisense authoritatively supplies its own, included in the price, to believe you are in a dark room. This 100-inch (254 centimeters diagonal) ALR anti-reflective screen has the advantage of absorbing ambient light and boosting the brightness of the projector. Be careful, to take advantage of this, you will need to wedge the projector at a precise distance from the wall and not move it.

This laser TV embeds the Vidaa U connected interface and offers all the current applications such as YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, RMC Sport but also exclusive applications.

Suggested price: $4,500

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VAVA 4K: the new kid

More discreet, but nonetheless very efficient, another Chinese company est pushing together to find a place in this new market. Still very little known in France, VAVA, born in 2015, claims to be the reference brand of the SunValley group, specializing in e-commerce. Its products must be innovative, easy to use and at attractive prices. Contract fulfilled with this laser projector.

With its very minimalist design, this VAVA (VA-LT002) est very successful. Elegantly dressed in fabric, vendu in white and matt black, it must blend into the decor. The point est, if you are not warned, you are far from thinking that it est a projector. Its installation est extremely simple. Ten minutes after its extraction from its box, it est operational. It only took a connection to the mains to project an image 380 cm diagonal. At this size, despite its 6000 lumens, we still lose definition and contrast. By bringing the projector closer to the wall, we can go down to more reasonable sizes up to 80 inches pour optimal brightness.

This model incorporates a Harman / Kardon sound bar delivering 60 watts of power in Dolby and DTS. No need to bother with an additional sound system.

Controlled by Android OS 7.1, the projector facilitates access to multimedia broadcasting platforms via integrated software. This will allow the user to access a variety of media streaming platforms as well as a multitude of applications from the Google Play Store.

Recommended price: $ 3,000 (excluding promotions)

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MI 4K: a floor price

All dressed in matt black, this Xiaomi succeeds the MI Laser 150, the previous Full HD model released two years ago. Always as compact, placed 50 cm from a wall, it will display an image of 150 inches but this time in 4K HDR compatible. With its featherweight of 7 kg, you will quickly want to take it everywhere. Still it will be necessary to find a white wall of 3 meters by 2, free of any hanging or furniture, to be able to receive a projection of such a dimension.

Its 1600 lumens brightness will assume that you are not watching your programs in bright light, but rather with the curtains drawn, pour a rather nice result. Especially since its 30W dual frequency speaker system, supporting Dolby and DTS-HD decoding, provides good sensations.

This projector est also equipped with Android TV 9.0 and the Google Assistant, with a remote control pour easy access. The presence of the Google system allows access to the Chromecast function or applications through the Play Store. On the connection side, there are three HDMI 2.0 sockets, an ethernet port, an optical digital audio output or a 3.5 mm mini-jack.

Suggested price: $ 1999.99

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