Jabra Elite 75t: the complete Review

With this 75t version, Jabra first shows that it knows how to miniaturize its technologies. These headphones are thus 20% smaller than the previous ones, the excrescence containing the microphones is now almost non-existent. The Jabra Elites 75t therefore know how to be very discreet in the hollow of the ears and also hold very well in place, while remaining comfortable to wear even after several hours of listening.

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Despite their very compact transport case, the Elite 75t are designed to provide an overall autonomy of 28 hours. Each 100% headphone charge is announced for 7:30 hours of use. In fact, Jabra disappoints a little on the subject since our lab measured an autonomy of 5 h 31. Two hours less than what the brand announces, but especially one hour less than the previous 65t (6 h 27 measured by our lab). Too bad the Danish company can not improve on this point.

Call quality and excellent sound

Where it is still excellent is the quality of the audio calls made with its headphones. With its professional DNA turned towards headsets and videoconferencing devices, the brand knows very well manage the capture of the voices by the microphones integrated in the headphones for the comfort of our interlocutor. On the other hand, the fact that the Elite 75t are of the in-ear type tends to make us hear our very muffled voice during a conversation, even with the “HearThrough” mode activated (capturing the ambient noise).

This “transparent” mode allows the external microphones to capture what is happening around us to reinject the audio signal in the ears. This allows to be attentive to its environment without removing the headphones. This function is activated from one of the buttons on each earpiece (the shortcuts are many) or from the Sound + application, one of the best applications on the market with that of Sony.

An extremely complete application

It proposes the configuration of “Moments” for which the comfort of listening will be adapted to a particular situation as in transport or in the office. It is also possible to configure the equalization of the earphones to bring out the frequencies most suited to the type of music listened to. Jabra proposes here the antithesis of the Apple philosophy which, with its AirPods Pro, wants to take care of (almost) everything for us.

Equalization will also be very useful to slightly modify the sound signature of Elite 75t. It is indeed very turned to mediums and basses. This has the effect of providing a very round sound signal, very pleasant and not at all tiring, but sometimes lacks some relief in the treble. Despite this slight defect, correctable therefore, Jabra has done a very good job, thanks to a beautiful overall dynamic. The device manages two codecs: SBC and AAC. No Hi-Res sound here so, but at this price level, we can hardly hold him.

One of the best … without noise reduction

Finally, there is only one thing missing in the Elite 75t: an active noise reduction system. It must be said that we really took a taste first with the Sony WF-1000XM3, then with the AirPods Pro. With such a function, these Jabra would play without any problem in the same yard as its two main competitors. But this process comes with an additional cost and this allows the brand to offer its headphones at a much more affordable price than that of its two rivals.

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