Hydro_Bot, the smart health connected ski jacket that wicks moisture in one click


The Hydro_Bot ski jacket uses innovative technology to protect skiers from moisture from their own clothing.

So far, ski wear has a major problem: their waterproof fabrics also trap the sweat produced by the body. Just in time for the winter, Kjus has unveiled a new ski jacket that protects external elements while breathing. To do this, she uses a technique called "techno-osoma". This product will surely join our top objects to go skiing.

hydro_bot ski jacket presentation

Hydro_Bot, a ski jacket that looks like the others

At first glance, the Hydro_Bot does not stand out in any way from the jacket you have worn during your last mountain vacation. Thus, there is a hood capable of accommodating a helmet. In addition, the cut remains wide enough to allow you to hit the slopes comfortably.

In fact, the difference is inside the garment itself. It doubles as a membrane that promises to keep you warm and dry in all circumstances. In this perspective, said membrane possesses a layer made of a conductive material.

In this way, the fabric becomes more porous when passing a weak electric current. Whoever wears can therefore manually vary the level of breathability of the jacket to adapt to its activities. This is what Kjus calls techno-osmosis.

Water resistant hydro_bot ski jacket

A smart health connected jacket (a bit)

The mechanism works thanks to a small built-in battery. To activate it, just press on a button incorporated into the fabric. However, we can also use a mobile app iOS and Android via a Bluetooth connection.

In addition to acting as a switch 2.0, the app also provides information on the battery and the level of perspiration. With this latest tracking, the app is able to recommend the best way to use the properties of the garment.

According to Kjus, his Hydro_Bot ski jacket is ten times more effective than other options more traditional to eliminate moisture. Apart from ensuring the comfort of skiers and snowboarders, it also protects them from the dangers of the mountains. Wearing wet clothes in such a cold environment can lead to hypothermia.

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For the moment, the Hydro_Bot ski jacket is only available in the United States at the exorbitant price of $ 1,699. Yes, comfort and security have a cost.

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Source: https://www.digitaltrends.com/outdoors/hydro-bot-jacket-electro-osmosis-fabric/ – Credit: Photos: Kjus


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