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The society in which we live today is very oriented towards the new information and communication technologies. Now almost everyone can access the internet tool, mobile devices and computers … We are truly in the era of high-tech and all-digital. And we must recognize that these innovations are impacting our daily habits more and more. Useful in many aspects for man, however, they have a dark side that can be extremely harmful for the latter.

How technology improves the daily life of man

The meteoric evolution of technology for 25 years now is beneficial to man in many ways. Indeed, it makes life easier on many levels.

In terms of work

The development of technology coupled with digital technology facilitates the creation of a multitude of increasingly innovative devices, allowing humans, among other things, to gain valuable time in the organization of work.

For example, thanks to technology, you can now work and earn a living without having to leave your home (telecommuting). This not only makes it possible to work faster, but also to reduce the level of pollution due to the limited use of daily transport. This breakthrough is also beneficial for businesses, which can save more money by renting less office space.

In terms of health

Technologies have become equally essential in the medical sector. From now on, it is possible to treat many more pathologies and other diseases because of medical technological progress. Technology has improved search results, but it also improves techniques, such as robotic arms for highly accurate operations, or replacement of amputees.

On other aspects of life

The impact of technology is even more perceptible in the organization of the personal lives of individuals today. With a smartphone, it is indeed possible to set reminders, to gain valuable time in the organization of leisure activities, to wake up in the morning … But even more, to use various intuitive applications to make a whole series of things: learn languages, interact with people on the other side of the world, edit videos, and even drive home!

However, there is not only good in technological innovations. In addition to training people in total dependency, they also pose a real threat to their privacy. For example, so far no one has any control over how the information we share on the internet is handled by the websites.

The harmful effects of technology in our lives

While they help improve our day-to-day lives and our business in many ways, technological innovations and endless surprises are increasingly raising fears for their dependency and privacy.

The addiction to new technologies and the risk to the health of your children

The use of technological tools has become essential in the educational life of young people. And these for the most part, show great interest in screen devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, and game consoles. Except that this passion is not without danger.

Several studies show that young people spend much more time in front of a screen than anything else. These studies also reveal that this situation has negative and dangerous consequences on their intellectual development. This is why doctors strongly advise against screens before the age of 6 years.

With the evolution of technology, children, especially teens, share very little time with their families. They are completely disconnected from society and its realities. They made their small screen and the internet their new world. They spend long hours, which affects their sleep and their cognitive performance considerably. Many develop a certain weakness of concentration, memory and responsiveness due to these digital tools.

The questioning of privacy

The evolution of technology brings with it new habits that completely threaten the protection of privacy. Every time we connect for example on social networks (Facebook, Messenger, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), we necessarily leave traces.

On the one hand, all personal and professional information that we publish on the net are at the mercy of websites, hackers or even governments … who can exploit them as they see fit without our knowledge.

Nowadays, companies can easily access your data by just typing your name on Facebook or Twitter. Social and even private life being exposed on social media, they can freely access your profile and explore all your publications, comments, videos and photos you share, to assess your personality in the framework of a recruitment …

Technological espionage as a defense against the abuses observed in the use of the internet and social communication applications

The invasion of technology in our lives is also measured by the ever-increasing number of social communication applications that appear every day. From Snapchat to Skype, via Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp and many others … These are developed in order to allow millions of users to communicate and interact easily despite the distance and the borders that can to separate them. At the origin, therefore, they owe their existence to a noble goal which is to bring people together and bring more fulfillment in their daily lives.

However, their use is not without drift as evidenced by many examples. Indeed, the experiments show that these exchange tools can be diverted from their primary purpose to serve totally unhealthy purposes by unscrupulous people, internet sex predators and cybercriminals. To counter these drifts, more and more people are turning to technological espionage using spyware that allow them to have some control over the lives of their loved ones.

The utility of spyware today

These programs of another kind also owe their existence to the technological boom of recent years. We find more and more on the market, each with more or less optimized performance.

As their name suggests, these are apps that can spy on and monitor anyone you want without getting caught in the bag. They work remotely, but before, it will be necessary before installing them in the mobile device of the person one wants to monitor.

Generally, spyware such as mSpy spy messenger for example, are an excellent alternative for parents who care about the safety and behavior of their children on social media. Thanks to these programs, they can freely and discreetly access all of their accounts to find out everything they do on a daily basis, the people they talk to on the web and the activities they plan to do. For them, it is a good tool to detect for example cases of harassment and violence (verbal or physical) in school or on the internet …

You will also find there an ideal solution to catch the unfaithful partners or to assure you once and for all that they are worthy of trust. Ditto for business executives who can use these spyware to monitor their employees in the workplace … and reassure themselves, for example, that some do not disclose secret information and sensitive to competitors.

Intuitive and easy to use, these technological tools allow you to do a whole lot of things without the knowledge of your target:

  • track all incoming and outgoing calls, with access to their history
  • record and read all SMS, MMS, IM chat messages sent and received on their device
  • locate your location in real time with a GPS tracking system
  • intercept his calls without his knowledge
  • block some contacts, etc.

Be careful not to exceed certain limits. The law can sanction the misuse of such systems. As for watching over his children, it remains at the discretion of everyone. It will be necessary to find the right compromise between protection / surveillance, and trust …


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