Hoppen Acquires TV Services Operator for Telecom Services Hospitals


The historical shareholders of Hoppen (Kreizig Invest, Logoden Participations, Unexo, Breizh Up, Crédit Agricole Ille-et-Vilaine Expansion) and a banking pool composed of BPGO, Crédit Agricole, Arkéa and the Caisse d'épargne have teamed up with the operation, which raised 32 million euros.

The objective of this merger is to "create the champion of the digitalisation of healthcare facilities, in a market that represents a very strong growth vector," Hoppen said in a press release.

The company, formerly known as Télécom Santé, develops smart health connected bed offers, digitization of outpatient care and admission of patients.

This acquisition allows it to enter the entertainment market (television, multimedia) for patients. The company estimates this market at 2.6 billion euros in Europe including 884 million in France.

It anticipates a multiplication of its turnover by 1.5 between 2018 and 2019.

"It was a great opportunity for us to join the expertise of the leading French operator of digital services and TV in hospitals," said Matthieu Mallédant, president of Hoppen, quoted in the statement.

Hoppen raised 920,000 euros from Kreizig Invest and Logoden Participations in 2014, then 8 million euros from Kreizig Invest, Unexo, Breizh Up and Crédit Agricole Ille-et-Vilaine Expansion in 2016.

The new group is led by Matthieu Mallédant and two managing directors: Sébastien Duré, co-founder of Télécom Santé and Pascal Wagener, formerly president of Télécom Services.


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