Hobot launches its Legee vacuuming and washing robots in France


With the robot vacuums and washers Legee 669 and 688, Hobot is entering with great pomp in the Hexagon.

Fact, Hobot is not new to the household robot sector since the company has already been operating in several countries for a decade. To seduce the French, the two models she releases offer some well thought out innovations.

robot vacuum cleaner hobot legee

The Hobot Legee 669 and 688 are not just passing

While some robot vacuums or washers only pass once to one place, Hobot has developed a unique mode of operation. This one counts 4 steps : aspiration, dry cleaning with a microfiber mop, the spray of a cleaning agent and the passage of a wet mop. Like the Samsung Powerbot R7260, they leave nothing behind them.

For greater efficiency, Hobot Legee 669 and 688 adapt the dosage of the cleaning agent (water and detergent) according to the region and the ambient temperature. Thanks to this system, both models clean hard surfaces (parquet and tiles) up to 150 m2.

A bard of sensors and features

You will surely be happy to know that Hobot Legee 669 and 688 each havethey tanksone for dust and another for water. No more need to change tanks each time to take advantage of the vacuum mode or the scrubber mode.

Despite this, they remain compact (10 x 33 x 34 cm for 3.2 kg) while displaying a beautiful autonomy of 1h 10. In addition, they will not be strangled by the electric cables lying on the ground thanks to an anti-entanglement system. Unfortunately, it will take 2 hours to recharge.

To find their way around a room, robot vacuums-washers use 5 types of sensors different, including 3 lasers. Thus, they quickly map the space to clean it effectively.

Hobge Legee 669 and 688: similar, but different

While the two models share many similarities, there are some differences. First of all, the 688 is the high-end model sold 500 euros. In this way, it offers up to 7 cleaning modes. Apart from that, he has a dedicated mobile application.

The Hobot Legee 669 is therefore the basic model and only has the common features mentioned above. This will disappoint more than one, but its reduced price of 400 euros gives it a better value if you can live without an app.

Sources & credits
Source: https://web.babbler.com/document/show/les-robots-aspirateurs-laveurs-legee-com-hobot-debarquent-en-france#/ – Credit: Photos: Hobot


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