Here is the hybrid watch that would have driven Google to buy Fossil


Last January, Google bought the manufacturer Fossil, an acquisition that seems to have been made to take advantage of the manufacturer's hybrid watch developments. Now, we know what Fossil is working on in terms of smart health connected watch equipped with real hands thanks to leaks from the Fossil Collider Hybrid Smartwatch HR.

Earlier this year, we learned that Google had bought part of the Fossil business to develop smart health connected watches. Specifically, some recent information indicated that the purchase was aimed in particular at a hybrid watch currently under development at the manufacturer that would be highly interested in Google.

So far, Fossil has been confined to classic smart health connected watches. We did not know what the hybrid watch project the manufacturer was working on. It seems finally that we have more information. Indeed, as the site reports 9to5Google, several pages put online – and now withdrawn – on e-commerce sites put forward a certain "Fossil Collider Hybrid Smartwatch HR".

An interface probably under Wear OS

As the name suggests, this watch – which has not yet been officially announced by Fossil – is a hybrid watch with both an electronic ink screen and hands to tell the time. As reported 9to5Google, the screen seems to resume a well-known provision on watches in Wear OS with the display of heart rate, weather, number of steps and date. Some images also show a notification system similar to that of Wear OS, just like the sports activity tracking screen.

In addition, thanks to the e-ink screen, the Fossil Collider Hybrid Smartwatch HR could work for two to four consecutive weeks before falling out of battery. She should also take advantage of a heart rate reader and a seal of up to 3 meters. The navigation would be done with the help of the different buttons on the side of the box.

For now, the Fossil Collider Hybrid Smartwatch HR has not been announced by the manufacturer. Nevertheless, it is still listed on some sites like TicTac Area. It is announced at an introductory price of 179 euros with a silicone bracelet.

Google and Fossil: the mysterious redemption was it a hybrid smartwatch?



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