Good practices of e-health in France and in Francophonie


This year, the theme of CATELVISIO 2017, held at the Ministry of Health on Thursday, March 23, was the highlighting of good practices of E-health in France and in French-speaking countries.
Telemedicine, teleconsultations, applications, serious games, smart health connected objects, …: innovations in digital tools for health care were honored by their designers or their users, whether health professionals, health actors public or patients, throughout the world of the Francophonie.

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Good practices of e-health at the hospital

  • Patient's informed consent via an application before a surgical operation
  • Tele-radiology and tele-echography in hospital, EPHAD, and in prison
  • Digital autonomy by geolocation of the patient
  • Teleconsultations in wounds and cicatrizations to the bed of the patient.
  • Telemedicine in obstetrics
  • Teleconsultations in follow-up of liver transplant.

Good e-health practices in health care and in the office

  • The good practices of the administrative coordinator in Multidisciplinary Health House to properly mount telemedicine projects
  • Good practice to make its information system interoperable with the personal medical file
  • Good teleconsultation practices: the systematic use of the DMP (personal medical file)
  • Telemedicine to streamline the patient's journey
  • Tele-expertise in the use of the electrocardiogram

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