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During my young career as a truck driver (7 years old all the same) I saw very beautiful models of watches in the writing and although being sensitive to the object, I can not wear it everyday. Bad language will tell you that it explains that I leave always at the last minute but it is not 🙂 Nevertheless, if there is a moment where my chrono remains hooked on my wrist, it is during my sessions of sport. Using mainly the countdown function, it must be admitted that the technological advances allow today to use applications that go beyond the simple timer. The Fitbit Versa 2 is part of this new generation of smart health connected watches that swarm with features and beyond tracking our daily activity, now accompanies us in many everyday tasks. Will she know how to make herself indispensable in mine? Here is the story of 3 weeks of use on my wrist day … as night!

I'm not completely unfamiliar with Fitbit products because I had the opportunity almost a year ago to day to experience the smart health connected bracelet Fitbit Charge 3. Intrigued by the object, it's also my father who has since recovered from it and who would not separate for anything in the world. For the record, the results of the analysis of his sleep are one of the reasons that encouraged him to go see his doctor and do further examinations to finally confirm that he was doing sleep apnea fairly important. It follows a treatment since! So it was with a lot of curiosity that I wanted to discover what brand brand new model, this time in a smart health connected watch version, could offer as advanced.

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Technical sheet

Fitbit is far from being a little news about the smart health connected objects sector since the brand is one of the pioneers in this field and has been working since the 2000s. It was particularly well known in its early days following the launch of a smart health connected pedometer . It's been a long way since then and the range has expanded to include different references of bracelets, headphones, scales and 3 models of smart health connected watches including the brand new Versa 2, released last September. On the menu, some improvements compared to the first version namely the integration of a microphone, a better screen quality, general performance and improved autonomy, the generalization of Fitbit Pay … The Special Edition, subject of the Review of the day, is accompanied by its USB charger and 2 bracelets, one jacquard woven geometric camouflage pattern and the second silicone that is imagined for sports activities.

connected watch fitbit versa 2 test and packaging reviews

  • Graphite aluminum housing
  • 2 interchangeable bracelets in fabric and silicone
  • AMOLED screen (40 x 40 mm) coating Corning's Gorilla Glass 3 high resolution touch
  • Amazon Alexa integrated
  • Spotify or Deezer control on the wrist (possibility to store more than 300 pieces)
  • Receiving notifications Sms / Emails / Messenger / Calendar / Apps with answers
  • Integration of Fitbit Pay
  • Tracking the number of steps, calories burned and distance traveled
  • Automatic and continuous monitoring of the heart rate
  • Sleep monitoring, analysis and evaluation
  • Custom Sport Mode: Running / Cycling / Swimming / Treadmill / Bodybuilding / Interval Timer / Exercises
  • GPS tracking (via smartphone) with pace and distance in real time
  • Waterproof 50m
  • Features Timer / Alarm / Weather / Music / Relaxation / Tips
  • Possibility of adding applications
  • Fitbit application to centralize and analyze all data daily
  • Wireless synchronization (Bluetooth)
  • IOS, Android, Windows compatible
  • More than 6 days of autonomy after use
  • Weight 42g

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More than the performances of the daily activity tracker whose characteristics are equivalent to the Fitbit Charge 3 bracelet already tested, I wanted to be interested in the new features of this Versa 2 in order to be able to attest to their efficiency and their interest in my daily. In preamble, as after any reception of this type of object, the downloading of an application and the synchronization with a smartphone is necessary. On this side, I appreciate the intuitive approach that is fluid and unobstructed on the OnePlus 6 Androïd that accompanies me for 1 year.

Alexa function

The main revolution of the Versa 2 is the integration of a microphone allowing among other things to enjoy the voice assistant of Amazon Alexa. Rather novice in this area, this is my second experience with a voice assistant, since I use the Google assistant very occasionally on my phone. Presentations made with dear Alexa, after a long press on the single button of the watch to activate it, I am amused to ask him "The color of the white horse Henry IV". My boundless humor did not destabilize a hair and the girl even taught me two details for the occasion: I let you experience it! Same thing for the weather, the activation of a timer, an alarm or a reminder, Alex 'has answer to everything and knows how to make himself very useful.

watch connected fitbit versa 2 test and review alexa voice assistant

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On the other hand, when it comes time to ask him to be the origin of a call or write an SMS, it unfortunately shows its limits, these functions being "not supported on this device". However, the microphone is very convenient to respond to a text message or a chat Messenger, provided to be limited to short answers and not to straddle punctuation. However, it is not possible to use the microphone in response to an email. I take this opportunity to highlight the clarity of the screen and the ease to read the various written messages of all kinds that despite a fairly contained size remains readable without requiring a view of 10/10 to each eye 🙂

connected watch fitbit versa 2 test and notice response sms

Spotify function

The world of musical audio streaming is divided into 2 camps, Deezer users and Spotify subscribers, although this Versa 2 can satisfy both parties, it is the application with the fluo green logo that has seduced me. For having known the compilations on tapes, then on CD, then on my MP3, I can only appreciate to have all my music to wear of hand and even of wrist now. After having attached my account directly in the online interface Fitbit, the Spotify application is then functional from the watch. Point to improve, a passage through his phone is required to launch Spotify to be controlled from the watch.

shows connected fitbit versa 2 reviews and reviews spotify

This makes it a real comfort to be able to pause or move to the next music without having to take out your phone. Just a swipe to the right to access his library or recent plays. The response time between the action on the watch and the order requested is almost immediate making this function very pleasant to use. Small disappointment in use, if you want to launch a bike type activity and enjoy listening Spotify in parallel to be able to change music in full effort, it will choose either one or the other but the two do not can not be used at the same time.

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Fitbit Pay function

I must admit that I was initially quite reluctant to enter all my banking information to Review this application but to go to the end of the Review, it was necessary to stick to it. After filling the requested information on the Fitbit app quickly enough on my mobile, I activated my "virtual wallet". Directly attached to the account linked to the credit card entered, this allows to make all payments granted by the option "contactless". My credit card is often waddled pocket, no longer need for small purchases of daily (up to € 20 to € 30 according to the date of release of its CB) is a real plus.

watch connected fitbit versa 2 test and review fitbit pay

When paying, it's easy to select the wallet icon on the watch screen, type a 4-digit security code and pass it in front of the payment terminal. There is no need to say but for the mid-young, mid-old (35 years) that I am, the fact of paying with his watch is still a hell of a cap! It's pretty bluffing efficiency and still justifies a little more not to have to lug his wallet full to bursting.

Sport Function

Adept sports topics of the blog, this is of course one of the functions that motivated me the most to perform this Review in real conditions. 7 activities are saved before running Running / Cycling / Swimming / Treadmill / Bodybuilding / Interval Timer / Exercises and then just start the machine! Beforehand, it is possible to set a goal in time or calories to burn. Once triggered, we find all the useful information on the screen namely the time elapsed, the number of calories burned but also its heart rate.

watch connected fitbit versa 2 test and review treadmill

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The big downside concerning me is the obligation to have his smartphone nearby as part of a session running / cycling / walking outdoors in order to enjoy GPS tracking, pace and distance traveled live. Only the Fitbit Ionic model currently has an integrated GPS in the range. Beyond real-time data, one of the strengths of Fitbit products is its collection and analysis. Since his smartphone or computer account, it is possible to have more details on all the course of its sessions as graphics in terms of heart rate or energy spent.

test review function sport watch connected fitbit versa 2

Sleep function

The famous one who alerted my father about his repeated apneas! For my part, already having trouble wearing a watch on a daily basis, it took me a long time to adapt to keep it on my wrist during the night. The function is so interesting that it was a shame to miss out. Indeed, according to the heart rate, the agitation, our waking time and our phases of sleep, the Fitbit is now able to assign a score to the quality of the night spent.

watch connected fitbit versa 2 test and reviews state sleep

Once again, all the data is recorded in the application and allows to have a very complete account of the time spent in REM sleep, light or deep as well as waking phases. When we know the influence of sleep on the state of general form, this type of tool is more than welcome to possibly identify some dysfunctions and it is not my father who will say the opposite. I am reassured that sleep apnea does not seem necessarily hereditary because my score has always been above 80/100 throughout my Review period 🙂

sleep function watch watch connected fitbit versa 2

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Offered under the bar of 200 € to 5 cents in its basic version (impact of the psychological price when you hold us) the Fitbit Versa 2 is a beautiful entry into the world of the smart health connected watch. Rather affordable to the competition, the integration of a microphone and accompanying voice assistant Alexa is a real asset that beyond the collection of data places it in a utilitarian register. To avoid spoiling, its sober and successful design and the use of quality materials can move away from the simple gadget. The heart rate monitor is precise, the screen clear and readable and the interface without artifice. But since everything can not be perfect in this world without mercy, two points are in my opinion to improve. The first would be to access his directory to make a call or send an SMS on request to Alexa. The second would be to integrate a GPS onboard essential to confirm its place in the world of watches dedicated to the practice of sport. Control Spotify or Fitbit Pay, are quickly very useful daily. To avoid spoiling anything, the improvement in battery life avoids having to recharge it every day even when it is regularly requested. The best indicator is that during the Review phase, the few times I could forget about it, some of its features still failed me confirming that it had managed to make a quiet place over the wire. days.

Our final grade


  • Integrating a microphone and the Alexa voice assistant
  • Beautiful automomy
  • Design and quality materials
  • Relevant features

the lessers

  • No built-in GPS
  • Unable to make a call or text message via Alexa
  • Can not use Spotify-enabled activity feature



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