First 3D x-ray and color of a human body


This is a historical first. New Zealand researchers have succeeded in performing a complete x-ray, in color and 3D of a human body.

Visually, the images are not really nasty, but it's a radical evolution in X-ray technology, more than 120 years after its first use. It can now be accessed in color and 3D.

3D color radiography

3D color radiography: a CERN technology

You have probably already done an x-ray at the hospital. A black and bench image often used to detect fractures or sprains. The technique works and remains very effective and widely used in the medical field. However, it was probably time for things to change and for the medical diagnosis to improve. " This color X-ray imaging technique could produce clearer and more accurate images and help doctors give more accurate diagnoses to their patients CERN explained in a statement. It is the European laboratory that is at the origin of this technological advance.

Specifically, this 3D color radiography technology would differentiate bone, muscle and cartilage. We could also see precisely the size and location of cancerous tumors. Firstly, the 3D scanner set up for this experiment will serve in a clinical trial in New Zealand with patients in orthopedics and rheumatology. Then, it should be able to be used by doctors without difficulty and could revolutionize medical imaging and health. He'll just have to get used to seeing the inside of his body in a very detailed and … pretty creepy way.

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