EyeQue: a revolutionary connected helmet to detect eye disorders in minutes

Today, we wanted to talk to you about smart health about eye . We will talk about a connected object that will help us in the field of health and more specifically in that of sight. Today we are talking about EyeQue vision check .

But what is EyeQue vision check ?

EyeQue is a connected object that will allow you to control your visual acuity. It is dedicated to individuals unlike what you might think. The tester is in the form of a headset in which one inserts his smartphone ….

 EyeQue works with all smartphones with a screen wider than 4.7 inches and is compatible with iOS and Android.

How it works ?

As with the doctor, EyeQue vision check will allow you to measure your visual acuity. Put the headphones on your head with your smartphone inside and look towards it. Check your visual acuity with the 3-phase test. Right eye, left eye and both eyes to record this test on the Cloud EyeQue, where you can access to monitor the evolution of your acuity.

The advantage of EyeQue is that it is usable with the majority of smartphones on the market. And finally the second advantage is that you can also measure your visual acuity but also detect if you are color-blind or not.

EyeQue on Kickstarter: a simple, effective and fast visual acuity test

To test your eyesight, nothing is easier. Just put on the helmet and look in the required directions. The test has three phases. One for the left eye, then the right, then for both eyes. Each test is randomly programmed. Each result is stored in the company’s cloud to track the family’s visual acuity.

The creators of the project explain that the visual acuity test is much more efficient than the classic array of letters written on a paper poster that is easy to memorize. EyeQue simulates a new series of letters to recite with each new test. Note that the helmet can also detect color blindness.

Connected smart health: a family product designed especially for children

With respect to connected smart health products, it is not uncommon for manufacturers to use professionals to reassure buyers. The opinion of two doctors can be read on the Kickstarter page of the project, Dr. Jay Kaufman and Dr. Carren Caputo. In both transcribed interviews, physicians advise using this product to detect nascent eye disorders in children or young adults. Although it is not clear, the EyeQue is thought to be used especially by children. The quick and easy handling of the product, tests done in minutes, and a very cartoonesque tutorial with a cartoon voice that explains how to use the headset go in this direction. Moreover, at the end of the Kickstarter page, we find the video testimony of a 12-year-old user who summarizes the product in one sentence “it’s easy to use”.


A nice innovation that will allow you to measure your visual acuity before going to the doctor. To see after the first marketing, the first returns. 

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