Now you can have this anti-epilepsy bracelet :Embrace

The connected object in smart health that interests us today is a Embrace bracelet capable of preventing epileptic seizures. These are caused by a strong brain activity that causes a rise in skin temperature.

Crises difficult to anticipate

The nature of epileptic seizures varies according to which part of the brain is subject to “neuronal storms”. There are two major families of crisis:

Partial seizures: they originate from the dysfunction of only a part of the brain, causing symptoms that vary according to the region of the brain affected. The “short circuit” is localized.

Generalized seizures: they result from the simultaneous dysfunction of the two cerebral hemispheres. The “short circuit” is generalized.

Difficult to anticipate, epileptic seizures lead to discomfort that can sometimes prove fatal.

Empatica, an Italian start-up, has teamed up with Professor Rosalind Picard of the MIT Media Lab and the Epilepsie association to create a bracelet that can prevent epileptic seizures. It allows you to follow the daily activity of the person and to prevent in case of epileptic seizure. It is compatible with the majority of smartphones and tablets, Android and IOS. It works with Bluetooth technology and with a rechargeable battery.

Embrace bracelet :Medical or design?

Of course, this bracelet is primarily intended for people with epilepsy but its design and Italian elegance, it can appeal to anyone wanting to monitor their level of stress, heart rate …

Its slap strap is made of refined Italian leather and the frame ring offers a play of light to either just display the time or display the vital data. The battery is rechargeable and Empatica promises that it lasts more than a week.

Prevent in case of crisis

To work properly, the user must install on his smartphone or tablet a free application. With this app, the Embrace epileptic tracker connected watch logs the daily activity data of the person wearing it to his wrist through sensors. If the person is epileptic then this will be immediately apparent on the data. The watch can warn the user or his family that he may have a crisis. But, it is not only for people with epilepsy, everyone can use it, to prevent other risks such as heart problems. Then, on the application that has been downloaded, you can check the data, save it or send it to your doctor.

Embrace is part of the tide of connected bracelets for health monitoring purpose. Certainly, it has an added value with the attack detector but will it be enough to be up to the competition? In general, the combination of utilities is not a guarantee of good quality.

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