Elie Lobel has left Orange Business Services


The TSD project, whose official presentation took place on 15 November in Strasbourg, is designed to improve the health of populations through shared digital tools and innovative actions, it is recalled. For this, it benefits from 10.6 million euros of subsidies and 25 million euros of equity investments of the State.

As part of this project, Elie Lobel took control of one of the 34 actions in TSD: the RDS project.

RDS (for Rhythm Diagnostic Systems) is a Californian start-up that has created a "cardiac patch" called MultiSense, similar to anti-smoking patches.

Specifically, this patch, which is the subject of an industrial property covered by 6 patents, was developed in Palo Alto (California) by the company RDS founded in 2012 by Sam Eletr.

In fact, it continuously measures and transmits via a smartphone (to a health cloud where the collected data is processed) multiple cardiovascular parameters such as electrocardiogram (ECG), heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiration or even movements.

Today at the end of technical development after tests that have gradually led to its current version, its marketing in Europe can be envisaged within 12 to 18 months but must still go through a clinical validation and delivery of the CE marking.

The opportunity to integrate this product in a set to follow patients remotely via smart health connected devices led the University Hospital Institute (IHU) of Strasbourg, Strasbourg University Hospitals (HUS) and the regional platform of e-health PRIeSM to take the lead in clinical trials for postoperative patient applications.

These health actors in Strasbourg have also convinced Sam Eletr, leader and majority shareholder of RDS to relocate his company in the Alsatian capital to start the commercial launch of MultiSense in Europe by focusing initially on the applications of post-operative monitoring of patients, before responding to other types of needs (cardiovascular diseases, sleep apnea, etc.).

Before this relocation, the RDS project will go through the creation in Strasbourg of a new company called RDS Newco.

Hosted and accelerated by the start-up incubator of Strasbourg Semia, RDS NewCo will launch a clinical trial on this patch "by the end of the first quarter of 2020", told TICsanté Elie Lobel.

The recruitment of a general manager for this new company, the finalization of an economic model and a fundraising evaluated "around 4 to 5 million euros to anchor the project in Strasbourg with a transfer of technology" from Palo Alto, are also on the agenda for the next few months.

Prior to that, Elie Lobel had been a member of the OBS group since April 2016.

First General Manager of Orange Healthcare, OBS business unit, he was appointed Director of the Group's e-health strategy in June.

Before joining the OBS group, Elie Lobel, 49, evolved to the Agency of Shared Health Information Systems (Asip Health) between 2009 and 2016 as head of the "projects" division, which later became national e-health projects.

A graduate of the Ecole Centrale com Paris, Cornell University (USA), with a Ph.D. in neuroscience in medical magnetic resonance imaging, Elie Lobel spent nearly eight years at Medcost and Doctissimo, respectively Commercial Director (2000-2007) and Scientific Director (2005-2007).

In 2006, he led the experimentation of the personal medical file (DMP) in the Rhône-Alpes region for the D3P consortium, bringing together Microsoft, Medcost, Réseau santé social (RSS) and Bull. From 2007 to 2009, he held the position of commercial director of the e (ye) BRAIN project, a company specializing in the development of tools for neuroscience research, while working at the Imhos consulting firm.


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