Connected objects for smart health

The connected objects on the market brings us a lot in the field of smart health, but the forms it takes tend to invade more and more our dailies.

Better sleep, better eating, everything to make us better and less addict. Yet, sometimes it seems to have replaced one addiction by another. Connected objects more and more intrusive, accessories that we have in the skin, literally. Good or bad, it’s up to you.

Too much alcohol

Remember last Saturday night? Do you have a party? No? It may be because that day you had a little loaded the mule. It’s all happened to us, except now you will not have any excuses. Party or not, you will now have a bracelet that will tell you to slow down a little or even to go straight to the water. Useful ? It remains to be seen, this connected object is not yet on sale, but its creators assure that it will be able to calculate very precisely the level of alcohol in the blood.

In search of lost sleep

Sleeping well seems to be the priority of many companies these days. So necessarily some connected objects seem a little more unusual than others. Take the example of Beddr. No more bracelets, has been the trackers of sleep on wrist, today it is on the front that it happens. Yes, yes, just put this small device the size of a stamp and the weight of a coin of 5 cents on your forehead. His little hypoallergenic tape will hold all night to analyze your sleep and identify what’s wrong.

Much more practical and effective on the front, the developers of this project say that these new connected objects will better indicate the position to adopt during sleep. Indeed, the position has a major effect in breathing problems or sleep apnea, which eventually causes serious sleep disorders.

The goal of Beddr would be, eventually, out of homes and serve as a basis for diagnosis so that one day its users can bring their sleep analysis to their doctor and find through this an effective treatment and adapt to this disorder . Only danger, the collection of data that eventually could seriously affect our privacy. What would be the next step? The analysis of our dreams?

Smart jewelry

The jewels are there too! phones? Not enough connected, now in connected objects, it is the rings, the bracelets, the watches or the necklaces that have the coast. These smart jewelery keep you connected at any time. With a small preference for the ring, these companies bait their customers with style: Motiv, Oura and even Swarovski are in the game. Again, their main function is to analyze your sleep and control your way of moving, do not worry if you feel judging is normal. It is usually enough to see the dashboard of these rings on your smartphones to quickly realize that everything you do is not going at all.

For the most creative of you, those who have filled their notes to the brim in their phone, who still have post-its everywhere at home, we found your future connected objects preferred. So it’s expensive, it looks a bit like a magic stone straight out of JK Rowling’s mind, but it works. The Senstone can be worn as a bracelet or necklace and records everything you say. From your shopping list, to your book ideas or to a Netflix series that you absolutely must start, this small stone holds everything. It acts a bit like your second brain, certainly it’s a little gadget, but you will never forget anything.

connected objects smart health deviceMosquito Bracelet

A world without this unbearable buzz that wakes you up at night, without itchy buttons that drive you crazy, in short, a better world. Without mosquito bites, we would probably be more peaceful and probably safer. This is not just secondary comfort, but a real public health issue for this Swiss startup. No sprays, or room fragrances or chemicals, but simple connected objects.

How it works ? By appealing to the survival instinct of this insect. Indeed, this bracelet reproduces the electromagnetic flow of a storm, which pushes the mosquito to move away and thus considerably reduces the chances that it stings you. Unconventional method, certainly, but that could be effective. Depending on the species or geographical position, the results may vary considerably. A good point all the same for this unconventional accessory.

And if we went even further about the connected objects

Reluctant to get tattooed? And if you were told that there is now a tattoo that will warn you when something is wrong? No bracelets or other accessories, but a tattoo, a subcutaneous tracker. Researchers at MIT and Harvard went even further and developed the Dermal Abyss: subcutaneous connected objects with a system that changes color as the body undergoes changes. The goal ? Prevent in advance when a person’s health deteriorates. This could be a giant step. But would you still be ready to get tattooed?

LogicInk, a temporary tattoo, that will tell you if you have reached your UV exposure limit. The tattoo represents three white circles, during the day they change color. When the three symbols become mauve, it’s your connected tattoo that tells you it’s time to put yourself in the shade.

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