DreaminzZz Hypnos: a hypnosis mask against stress and addictions

” Happiness ? It’s living in reality, do not wear a mask, “says actor Tom Cruise in an interview.But this reality can sometimes be stressful and anxiety-provoking. And if, unlike Tom Cruise, wearing a mask could reduce these harmful effects of everyday life. This is the challenge of the DreaminzZz Avignon start-up by developing Hypnos, a connected hypnosis mask.

First smart connected hypnosis mask for health

Hypnos is the first connected hypnosis mask. Thanks to its visual stimuli, vibratory and its bluetooth connection, it offers you the closed eyes to gradually apprehend the state of hypnosis to achieve your goals! From the improvement of the quality of your sleep to the increase of the sports performances, through the fairy tales for child, HYPNOS becomes an ideal companion of relaxation everyday.

Associated with the Hypno-Store, the online hypnosis sessions download catalog (Free), it allows you to work on your personal goals and improve your daily life. HYPNOS has demonstrated its effectiveness in the medical sector, and is now available to individuals. Through many topics you can choose the session you need. There is always a session for you.

HYPNOS also offers to accompany you during the rest phases by guiding your breathing then waking you up naturally thanks to its dawn simulator.

A multifunction smart health object

Hypnos could be likened to a good relaxation session, but this connected mask draws its expertise from Ericksonian hypnosis – a technique that enables the conscious and the unconscious to work together to achieve the goals we have set ourselves. fixed.

With its night mask look, Hypnos will work logically against sleep disorders and anxiety. It will allow you to improve your performance and fight against a drop in motivation or concentration, help your child in some cases (hyperactivity, fear of black, attention disorder, …).

Embarking 6 multicolored LEDs (3 per eye), a vibration system and a battery to power the set, the mask connected in Bluetooth will work with its mobile application.
Headphones connected to your smartphone, the application will broadcast specific programs of a few minutes pre-recorded by a specialist in hypnosis according to several themes (self-hypnosis, pain relief, tale, addictions, sleep, …).

The spatialization of the sound and the distilled ambiences will enhance the sessions (more than 50) for more immersion.
The LEDs and the vibrations of the device will synchronize to amplify the state of self-hypnosis.

Disconnected mode

Hypnos also works in disconnected mode. A necessary function if the mask is used to treat sleep-related disorders.

Set the guided breathing of your sleep from the application. Set the wake up time, the buzzer tone and the duration of the dawn simulator.

Hypnos would allow you to fall asleep twice as fast and wake up gently.

The mask is used by some health professionals (physiotherapists, dentists, urologists, …) but is not yet qualified as a medical device.
On the other hand, it has all the necessary certifications for distribution to individuals.

The price of  Hypnos  is 199 €. The mask is available on the DreaminzZz website.

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