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The French Startup 5th Dimension is unveiling its first line of smart glasses called Sonic Frames.

With their design a little dork, smart glasses like Google Glass have long been associated with this community of reclusive nerds. In recent years, more stylish models like Snapchat shows have changed the game. The Sonic Frames are part of this line of connected glasses that make no aesthetic compromise.

The Sonic Frames: a hands-free kit of the most discreet

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, Sonic Frames serve as hands-free kits for smartphones. Each branch thus conceals a bone conduction transducer to deliver the sound directly into the inner ear.

This solution not only allows you to enjoy a great audio clarity, but also avoid going through a speaker and thus protect his privacy. So that your interlocutor can hear you, the branches each board two microphones.

To take a call, a touch key is on the right branch. But in a good kit "hands free", the Sonic Frames offer some voice commands. Unfortunately, no compatibility with a voice assistant has been announced.

To do this, the pair of glasses binds to the phone via a Bluetooth connection 5.0 with a range of 30 meters. For its part, the battery type Li-ion offers a day of autonomy. It's not a lot, but we have wireless charging. At worst, the glasses will always correct your sight.

connected glasses sonic frames

The first customizable connected glasses

Despite all the technology that smart glasses embark, we do not choose glasses for their functions. No, we are going to buy a pair because it looks like us. Aware of this, the designers of Sonic Frames have developed a device customizable at will.

Therefore, we can choose between 3 colors of branches and two finishes for the hinge (rose gold or titanium). And with 4 glass shapes available, everyone will find the right pair for their face.

Aesthetic, these smart glasses are also solid. So, they are waterproof up to 50 meters deep. One wonders why, but it is there, and we will not complain. In addition, the hinges are resistant to grease and sweat.

If you are interested, the Sonic Frames will be on sale from November 13 at a price of 119 euros on Indiegogo, the crowdfunding platform. If you are patient, the product will be marketed from summer 2020.

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Source: 5th Dimension – Credit: Pictures: 5th Dimension


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