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CES 2019 brings together innovations that are all crazier than the next. But while keeping your feet on the ground there are always some accessories present and timeless. That's why it seems important to come back after this second day of CES on smart health connected watches, and watches in general. Matrix, Garmin, Withings or Mobvoi, they are tens to appear and to compete hard …

Matrix PowerWatch 2: Reload your watch with your body

A banal object outstanding feature! That's what the fitness equipment builder Matrix was based on for its latest watch PowerWatch 2. This watch uses body energy to recharge, no need to connect it. CES 2019 is full of surprises!

This is the concern of most smart health connected watches, autonomy is more than difficult. By having to connect his watch every day or almost we force ourselves to travel with his charger sometimes. This is why the manufacturers have pulled their hair to allow their devices to benefit from a better battery. The Matrix PowerWatch 2 uses body temperature, or rather the temperature difference between the watch and the wrist skin of the user. For those interested, she uses the Seebeck effect

As for its performance, integrated GPS, heart rate sensor, Google Fit, Apple health kit and many others. Compared to the previous model, it has nothing to envy and it is a real overall improvement of the first.

Available for the moment on indiegogo priced at $ 199it will come out at $ 499 around June 2019!

Withings Move: Made in France customizable

Withings has been present for a few years and despite its passing purchase by Nokia, the firm knows how to present high-end made in France. At CES 2019, Withings presents the Move, a high-end product only $ 69.95 ! What compete with smart health connected watches with its price and simplicity. This world of smart watches is very competitive and see a product under $ 100 is rare and sought after.

It has 3 needles, the first two display the time while the third is used to report to the user his percentage of activity. In the Health Mate app everything is customizable and nothing is superfluous. With a diameter of 38 mm it is available in several colors and especially customizable at will! This customization offer will be available in February 2019 while the Move is already available on Amazon and Withings.com.

Withings Move – Tracker watch for activity and sleep

  • AUTOMATIC RECOGNITION 24/7 – Continuous monitoring of walking, running, swimming, biking and more than 10 activities, with calories burned and distance.
  • SLEEP MONITORING – Sleep score calculated according to sleep cycles (light and deep), interruptions, depth and regularity. Smart Wake-Up with silent alarm.

To personalize it, its bracelet will be changeable like its case, its dial, its needles, in short everything … Eric Carreel the president of withings explains it simply:

Since we launched the Activity Watches four years ago, we have seen the importance of offering trendy and easy-to-use products to help our users better care for their health.
-Eric Carreel, Withings President

A second model is presented, the Move ECG, a little more upscale proposed at 129.95 €. This analog model is also capable ofRecord an electrocardiogram and detect it very easily. It is therefore a tool that can detect strokes, 1/3 of these being caused by a atrial fibrillation. With a one year autonomy it is a fashion accessory, but also a security that adapts to everyday life.

Currently under examination for FDA and EC authorizations, this medical device The ECG Move will be available a little later, during the second quarter of 2019, at the price of $ 129.95.

Omate O6 and O6S: The elderly are not forgotten

Omate, like other manufacturers, announces a new smart health connected watch dedicated to health. Specifically small sizes and weak forces, by that they hear children and the elderly.

It contains a chip Soracom Air eSIM which gives access to several features that are supposed to simplify life. The first is an annual service in prepaid mobile communications, it will be renewable thereafter. The watch also contains a camera and allows video calls, a wizard health monitoring and many others.

Its availability in France is for now uncertain but available soon May 2019 in the United States.

To finish in style, the Garmin Vivo activates 3 Music is a serious competitor of other models. Equipped also with a LTE chipshe is in partnership with Verizon, one of the main operators of the USA. She has 4G. The Vivoactive is not called Music for nothing, it will be possible to download music directly from the watch and listen with it. From Deezer or Spotify that will be integrated! No jack nevertheless (or fortunately) but Bluetooth that allows to pair a headset or a pair of headphones without worries.

It also has a screen Corning Gorilla Glass 3. It is waterproof until 50 metersSo it's a watch for the sportsman, but also for everyday life. The resolution is a little smaller than its competitors, but its weight 39 grams impressed. Several sports are available in the watch's OS alongside the mundane features like the stopwatch. The Built-in GPS as for him is followed by several interesting features like a thermometer, a accelerometer or a gyroscope.

(Embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXrTcijvBZk (/ embed)

The Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music will be available by the time end of the first quarter of 2019 priced at $ 299.99, count $ 260.



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