Center Léon-Bérard and Hitachi team up to put AI at the service of cancer diagnosis


The financial terms and conditions of this partnership have not been detailed.

As part of this collaboration, Hitachi and the CLB will conduct research and development on new technologies for cancer screening and diagnosis through the use of medical imaging using AI.

"Tools for predicting the response to radiotherapy will also be developed through the use of transcriptomic and genomic data from tumors," said the two partners in a statement.

To this end, Hitachi and CLB are also launching the Hitachi Lyon Lab, a laboratory dedicated entirely to research to improve the effectiveness of cancer diagnostics and treatments that will combine clinical expertise and data associated with anti-cancer treatments. cancer of CLB patients and Hitachi's AI technologies in imaging.

The Hitachi Lyon Lab, based on the Léon-Bérard Center site, aims to promote the development of new technologies with AI to detect possible cancerous localization and to assist radiologists in defining a diagnosis to from imaging data.

"The identification of biomarkers exploiting genomic data in a context of resistance, will also predict the responses and make predictions about the outcome of radiotherapy," detailed the CLB and Hitachi.

To develop new tools, the Lyon center for the fight against cancer and the Japanese industrialist will use the images and molecular data of tumors CLB, "with the consent of patients," he said.

Hitachi Medical Systems Europe, Hitachi's health division in the Old Continent, is already providing diagnostic, clinical and IT solutions to health facilities in the country, such as the Orleans Regional Hospital Center (CHR) or the center. Hospital (CH) of Lens (Pas-com-Calais).


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