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How to choose a connected scale? Buy the best smart scale 2021

Do you want to lose weight? Are you on a diet, but struggling to gauge your daily progress? Or are you a sporty person who always needs to be in top form? These are all reasons that can justify the purchase of a connected scale.What’s the best smart scale 2021?

The supply of connected scales is immense. Not all are suitable for all profiles, and it would be a shame to invest in functions that you don’t need. This is why you will find in this guide the criteria to take into account when making your selection.

Top 10 best smart scale 2021

Withings Body Cardio: the benchmark connected smart scale

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In addition to measuring weight, BMI, body composition (water mass, fat mass, bone mass, and muscle mass) and heart rate, this new model offers to analyze the Pulse Wave Velocity: the vibrations generated by heartbeat, to identify high blood pressure problems. The data is transmitted to the Withings Health Mate application. In short: a real benchmark.


  • Heart rate detection
  • Practical application


  • High price
  • A little slow

Withings Body Cardio Balance Review

Fitbit Aria 2: the connected scale for Fitbit fans

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The FitBit Aria 2 analyzes the metabolism of its user. Thus, the device automatically sends the data recorded at each weigh-in to the Fitbit account of the latter.

Unlike many smart scales that use Bluetooth, this one prefers WiFi. So you don’t have to worry about syncing and pairing every time you use it.

Just visit the Fitbit mobile app on your phone to access analytics. If you already use other Fitbit gadgets, then the Aria 2 is the scale for you. In this way, you will benefit with the app from a hub that centralizes all your health information.

In addition, the modern design of this scale makes it a decorative item for your bathroom. This scale does not store under another piece of furniture, but will sit in a corner of your home.


  • Design
  • Ease of use
  • Fitbit ecosystem


  • Measures that lack detail
  • Risk for pregnant women

Fitbit Aria 2 Review: WLAN scale with fat analysis

Beurer BF 700: A precise and stylish connected scale

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This convincingly designed scale has a very low price. It allows, using an innovative connection with your smartphone, to better monitor your weight loss and gain via the application (a few minutes for the first time and a few seconds for the following). Its connection with the smartphone is very fast! The black LCD screen with white illumination of this Beurer scale has a very nice rendering. It can display weight, fat, muscle rate, bone mass as well as basal and active metabolic rate! No need to press a button for the scale to turn on, just step on it and have your smartphone close at hand. Very pleasant surprise when I opened the packaging: the batteries are included! All this makes her a very good model of connected scale!


  • Complete and detailed measurements
  • XXL and removable display
  • Quality manufacturing


  • A little expensive

Beurer BF 700 smart balance review

QardioBase 2: a connected scale with style

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This connected scale is distinguished first of all by its more than successful design. So, if you are one of those people who want to see a nice item to show off in the bathroom, this is a good candidate.

In addition, this device works on battery and not on battery. It is therefore sufficient to recharge it once a year. Also to make life easier for its users, the QardioBase 2 connects to third-party applications such as Apple Health or Google Fit.

On the other hand, the QuardioBase 2 takes a little time (12 seconds) to display the measurements, unlike the other models which work instantaneously. On the other hand, it is redeemed by an Intelligent Return which replaces the numbers with simple smileys. In addition, Pregnancy mode can be adjusted according to the due date.


  • Design
  • Smart Return
  • Battery operated


  • No WiFi
  • Rather slow

Qardiobase 2, a scale smart health connected in emoji mode

Tanita RD-953: Connected Balance Precision

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The Tanita RD-953 is one of the most accurate connected scales for a bathroom scale. Indeed, it has a precision measurement of 50g, can weigh people up to 200 kg, and beyond.

A true futuristic device, the RD-953 offers a design in the shape of a balance, made of a glass plate and covered with a white or black structure, as desired. The left and right sides of the device offer a certain visual lightness, where one might think that the scale has handles.

Regarding the features, we can say that the Tanita RD-953 is one of the most complete ever tried. It can calculate weight, body mass index, as well as fat percentage. In terms of muscles, the device also provides information on mass and assessment of the constitution. The novelty lies in the measurement of muscle quality, which seems interesting when physical activity is low.

Very easy to pair with your smartphone using Bluetooth, the connected scale is ready for use in just 5 minutes.


  • Clear and comprehensive instructions for use,
  • high weighing precision,
  • new measure


  • high price,
  • too many measures for a classic use,
  • no wifi

The Tanita scale RD-953 tells you everything about your body

Garmin Index Smart Scale: masterful connected scale

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The latest version of the Garmin Smart Scale Index is very comprehensive. In addition to offering complete monitoring of body composition, weight and BMI, this scale connects via WiFi and ANT +. It is therefore compatible with the various connected bracelets and the Garmin Connect platform. It is possible to register the whole family with its 16 users.


  • Storage of measurements
  • Cloud connection
  • Easy to read information


  • No wifi connection
  • Slightly high price

Garmin Index S2 – our complete Review 

FitTrack Dara: a more than intelligent connected scale

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The FitTrack Dara is a small scale, now in its second version, with a very modern look that measures your weight. But it also gives the index of fat mass, BMI, hydration level and muscle and bone mass.

On top of that, this connected scale tracks your health and helps you achieve your dieting goals. It does this by sending this information via Bluetooth to the FitTrack mobile app. This can be synchronized with Apple Health or even Google Fit to even better help you progress in your efforts.


  • Design
  • Easy to use
  • Numerous measures


  • No WiFi

Is FitTrack the best connected scale on the market?

Withings Body and Body +: the connected scale for those on a tight budget

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While the Body + version embeds the very best in terms of connected scales at the moment, the Withings Body retains the essentials for a significantly lower price. In addition to a nice assortment of features, the device has a very neat design.

Obviously, the Body measures your weight. But it also reports weight gains and losses as well as body mass index. More original, the scale also gives you the weather on its 6 x 4 cm screen.

Unlike some models blocked from Bluetooth, the Withings Body connects to WiFi to synchronize its data with the Health Mate mobile application. Thanks to it, you will be able to more easily follow your progress during a diet, for example.

In addition, you will be able to link the scale to other apps that use information about your weight (a weight training app, etc.). As a bonus, this bathroom scale also offers a “Pregnancy” mode to monitor baby’s development.


  • Design
  • Easy to set up
  • “Pregnancy” mode


  • Screen too small

Withings body scale – which one is best

Fitbit Aria Air: entry-level connected scale for Fitbit fans

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Fitbit Aria Air is presented as the entry-level model of the Fitbit Aria family, with an original version and 2.0. Recently released, its characteristics are similar to previous versions, and are shaping up to be a device truly intended for users of the brand.

Indeed, although the Aria Air works very well on its own, it can integrate with the Fitbit Premium coaching system. In addition, he shares coaching sessions and has one of the best fitness trackers around. In addition, this new integrated system provides information on body fat levels, cardiovascular health and visceral fat levels. Moreover, the connected scale is compatible with the Fitbit app, where you can access all your data from your smartphone.

On the other hand, there is no need to subscribe to Fitbit Premium. On its own, the Fitbit Aria Air can serve as a high-quality digital bathroom scale, measuring body weight. Robust in design, the device has a clear digital display and is easy to use.


  • Compatibility with Fitbit devices
  • Good quality finishes
  • Readable display


  • No WiFi
  • Few functions

Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2: best inexpensive connected scale

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Xiaomi returns with a second version of its affordable bathroom scale, and the result is just as successful as its predecessor. Thus, despite an apparent simplicity of design, this model offers excellent performance and remains effective at all times.

In fact, the device itself only displays one measurement: weight. However, Xiaomi announces no less than 13 measures in total. In fact, the rest of this data is taken over directly by the mobile application. You will therefore have to consult your smartphone to find out your muscle mass or even your water mass.

Despite its reduced price, the model offers advanced features, including the evolution of different measurements over weighings. In addition, it can also weigh small objects, for example food products, if the kitchen scale breaks down.

On the other hand, we must admit that the Withings / Nokia Body beats the connected scale of Nokia when it comes to functionalities. However, the latter costs a little more. Therefore, those who really want to invest at a minimum in a bathroom scale can turn to the Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2.


  • Competetive price
  • Efficient functions


  • Few functions

Xiaomi Mi body scale 2 smart health connected scale the best value for money

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How we test & rating the best smart scale 2021?

The price

Smart scales are among the most accessible connected objects. The cheapest models are available from $50, but they are often very limited in their options. If you want an ultra-complete luxury model, count a budget of around $200 .

A higher price usually means more advanced features and a higher quality product, but be careful. Check customer reviews on the models that interest you. Also be on the lookout for promotions, which are common on this type of product.


Available measures

All scales are obviously capable of indicating your weight, but depending on your profile it may be useful to have additional measurements. This is especially the case if you are athletic, if you follow a diet or if you suffer from health problems.

You can then choose models capable of measuring, in addition to your weight, your BMI, your heart rate or your muscle mass index. The available measurements are indicated on the technical data sheets.


The type of feed

There are two main types of power supply for connected scales. Most models, especially entry-level, run on a battery. Battery life is generally reasonable, but if you want even more peace of mind there are other solutions.

Indeed, now some connected scales have a rechargeable battery. All you have to do is connect the device to the mains when it is discharged. Finally, other models run on solar energy, which is both environmentally friendly and convenient for you.

The display method

Given the amount of information they sometimes have to display, all connected scales choose a digital display. But not all digital displays are created equal!

Do you plan to use your scale early in the morning or late at night? Make sure it has a backlit display. Also check that the information is all legible and in sufficient size.

Also note that some scales are sold with an attached display device that you can hang on the wall. Useful if you are the dynamic type and have no time to waste.

The best smart scale

The best smart scale

The linked application

Connected scales all come with a smartphone app. Some applications are satisfied with the essentials, and simply allow you to consult the information captured by your device.

But others go much further, and are able to offer you real monitoring of your physical activity while offering you recommendations on your health. Remember to check the functions available on the application linked to the scale you want to buy before taking the plunge.


The compatibility of the connected scale

Some scales are only compatible with a specific phone operating system. It would be a shame to buy a scale whose app is only available on Android if you have an iPhone.

Also note that some scales are only compatible with certain brands of phones or connected objects. It is therefore imperative to ensure that your scale will be usable with the equipment you already have.

If you are more than one using the scale, make sure that everyone has at least one compatible phone model. Indeed, a connected scale used without the linked mobile application greatly loses interest.



Connected scales are capable of measuring and displaying large amounts of information. But this implies that their use can turn out to be much more complicated than that of a traditional scale.

Favor devices that are easy to use. After all, you need to be able to weigh yourself in seconds without it becoming tedious. If you have the possibility, try the scale model you are interested in beforehand.

The golden rule is not to go beyond your needs. Don’t buy a model that performs well but is difficult to master if you just want to weigh yourself down. Try to find the best compromise between your needs, the available features and the ease of use of the scale.



If design is not the essential point on which to stop when choosing a connected scale, it is nonetheless important. After all, you have the right to demand a product that will match your tastes and your interior.

Rest assured: you will find models in all the colors and shapes you want, and some brands offer several colors and appearances for the same product.

Fashion is all about clean looks, but if you want to show a little more originality, you will easily find scales with rounded shapes and flash colors that may suit your personality better!


Always commits for items made up of many electronic components, warranty is a crucial point. Choose scales for which manufacturers offer guarantees for several years, including the replacement of dysfunctional parts.

You will surely have to pay a little more to acquire a connected scale with an excellent warranty, but this is generally a guarantee of an excellent lifespan which will pay off your investment in the long term.

You now have all the keys in hand to choose the connected scale that suits you. Remember, the most important thing is knowing your needs. Don’t buy a fancy scale if you just want to know your weight and get basic health information.

A good way to do this is to determine your goal in purchasing a smart scale, and then choose the device based on that goal, available promotions, customer reviews, and value for money.

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What is a smart scale?

A smart scale is above all a connected object, which means that it has the same history and the same uses. But above all, it is a new generation bathroom scale. Versatile and very precise, this new range of scales departs drastically from older models, rarely used due to their lack of precision and functionality. Today, a scale is a technological tool that tells you your fat levels, supports you in your diet, and helps you reach your goals.

The principle of the connected scale remains the same: you climb on the machine, it estimates the desired masses and gives you the information along with some statistics. The main difference with your grandmother’s scale is that to use a connected scale you will need a smartphone. Required: Most of the time, it is via the dedicated application that the device will provide you with the information you need. In the 21st century, we can weigh ourselves without clothes but certainly not without a phone.

How does a connected smart scale work?

A connected scale doesn’t just tell you your weight. It can also read your body fat, BMI, bone mass, the amount of water in your body, or even read your heart rate. For this, manufacturers use impedance meters. These devices send an electric current of very low intensity, harmless to the human body.

This makes it possible to estimate the measurements indicated above. At the end of the analysis, the balance receives a diagram. She reads the indications to tell you your different rate. Fat puts up resistance, while muscle and water carry the current. The application receives this information and translates it into a percentage. She can give you tips on how to lose weight, build muscle, or stay hydrated.

What is the best smart scale used for?

A scale does not need to be connected to perform fat, water, muscle or bone mass measurements. Nor does it need to be connected to track your weighings. So what’s the use?

As we have already mentioned, the advantage of a connected scale lies in the functionality and interface of its dedicated application. Since your smartphone offers you greater interactivity than the scale in question, it becomes much easier to observe the tracking of your weight or your children or your body fat level. In addition, it becomes possible to set goals and see your position in relation to the desired development. This is the goal of virtual coaches: to give you personalized advice based on your results to help you grow.

But who says connected also says sharing. Indeed, since all the information collected is recorded on the application of your phone, it only takes a few finger movements to share the results with, for example, his doctor, nutritionist or sports coach.

Finally, we have to rely on the Internet of Things and the interaction of connected objects with each other. Thus, several scales can be synchronized directly with other connected objects (sports connected bracelets, heart rate monitors, kitchen scales, etc.). Ideal if you are fond of connected objects.

Should you prefer a connected Bluetooth or Wi-Fi scale for the best smart scale?

Although generally a little cheaper, Bluetooth connected scales require you to turn on your smartphone and open the dedicated application during the weighing process. It is only in this way that the measurements carried out are transmitted and recorded by the mobile terminal. Wi-Fi scales instantly transmit their data to the manufacturer’s cloud. You can consult them when desired from your smartphone, which, de facto, does not need to be carried with you during a weigh-in. Wi-Fi scales are the specialty of the Withings brand, but also, recently, of Terraillon which, with its Master Coach, has been able to step up.

Are connected scales effective?

It is not the scales that will make you lose weight, but your willingness to watch your diet and exercise, and how regularly you use your scale. The bathroom scale will help you in your process thanks to the history of the measurements it stores, the weight curve that it allows you to constantly monitor, etc.

What are the really useful measures?

All potentially are. While all impedance monitors measure weight and BMI (Body Mass Index) at a minimum, different scales go further by measuring bone mass, fat mass, visceral fat rate or even BMR (the basal metabolic rate). , that is the quantity of calories according to the basic metabolism and the level of physical activity)… These data which generally do not mean much for most of us can nevertheless be useful within the framework of a strict diet , for sports use, or even in the context of monitoring the health of an elderly person, for example.

Are all applications the same?

No, and that’s the lot of all connected products. They are called Health Mate (Withings), Wellness Coach (Terraillon), Body Partner (Tefal) … the 2.0 scale applications all have their own identity. Some brands are satisfied with the minimum union and a simple display of data, others go much further with the possibility of setting a goal of weight loss (or gain), with appropriate advice … Before your purchase, Find out about the possibility, or not, of aggregating other products around the same application, such as a scale + a connected watch (as with the Fitbit or Withings brands, for example), a scale + a blood pressure monitor … Apple Health or Google Healthcare data can sometimes be aggregated. Some applications also make it possible to correlate weight and quality of sleep, etc. Before heading off to Amazon, Darty… or to the store to equip yourself, we invite you to read our various tests in order to find your way around better!

Which is the best smart scale : an analog or digital scale?

It seems pretty obvious that a digital scale is much more advantageous than an analog scale. It gives you the information on an LED display and the weight it gives you is relatively accurate. There is no need to tune it and in addition there are models that are smart. The latter have much higher performance than those of analog scales. However, they also have some constraints. For example, digital scales need batteries to operate. When these discharge, the balance begins to weaken. In addition, it is quite common for them to deteriorate over time. The price of the two models is roughly similar, although smart scales are bound to be more expensive.

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