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In all cases it is not recommended to drive with alcohol in the blood, but if it is better to know his blood alcohol level. The breathalyzer has been made mandatory in all motorized land vehicles. It’s a simple and effective way to know if you have exceeded the legal limit.We have made a smart health device BACtrack Mobile Pro reviews.

When you have to take the wheel, the glass of too much can be fatal for your license, but especially for your life. And then, there is this doubt “Am I able to drive?”

Why not have reliable results directly from your iPhone? This is possible with the BACtrack, a small alcohol that gives a quick and accurate alcohol level and details on the effects of the drink depending on the amount and time needed to remove alcohol from the body. We have tested BACtrack Mobile Pro, a mini breathalyzer that connects to Bluetooth on the iPhone.

To avoid this kind of imprudence, the BACtrack Mobile Pro offers its connected breathalyzer. But what is the interest compared to a classical object? The answer in the test.

Unboxing BACtrack Mobile Pro

The BACtrack comes with a small case, a USB charging cable and spare tips, handy if you want to lend it to acquaintances. As a bonus, a pouch to carry it or put it in the glove box.

BACtrack Mobile Pro reviews package smart health device ehealth

Just out of the box, it is ready for use: just press a few seconds on the single button for the small device to illuminate in blue. The BACtrack works on battery and it is enough to connect it in USB to recharge it in a few hours. The manufacturer announces 300 shots per recharge.

BACtrack Mobile Pro Design

This BACtrack Mobile Pro puts on its extremely compact appearance. For the rest, it’s a fairly classic object that does not offer an attractive design. But it compensates for its small size. A USB port for reloading and a single button. Moreover, it is not necessarily well placed since you will tend to press it while you breathe, cutting the power supply. This is the only real fault of the product on this side.

BACtrack Mobile Pro reviews design test smart health device ehealth

Application / Use BACtrack Mobile Pro

During the first start, it must be associated with the iPhone via Bluetooth in the settings and download the companion application BACtrack available for free on the App Store and PlayStore. Once the application is open, it only takes a few seconds for the device to connect to the iPhone.

The connection is made instantly without any need for any maneuvers. Tap the home screen and the process is started. We have to wait a little while everything starts. Inhale and blow until the gauge is full. Seconds later, the result falls.

BACtrack Mobile Pro iphone smart health device ehealthVia The settings of the application, it is possible to choose the unit of measure among 4 options:

Percent BAC rate: in grams per 100 milliliters of blood.
Percent Permille: gram of alcohol per liter of blood. .Preamble by Mass: milligram of alcohol per gram of blood.
.Milligrammi: milligram of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood.

 It is also possible to consult the statistics via the tab provided for this purpose.

Operation: As explained above, just turn on the BACtrack and launch the application and in two taps you can start a measurement: the ethylo takes ten seconds to heat the sensor after which it is necessary to blow the time of a countdown of about five seconds. Once taken, we hear a click indicating the proper operation of the product. Ten seconds later, the blood alcohol level appears, it is accompanied by a description on the effects of the amount of alcohol on the body and behavior and the time before returning to sobriety.

BACtrack Mobile Pro smart health device ehealth operation BACtrack Mobile Pro smart health device


Let’s specify that you have to wait a little between the moment you finish your drink and the moment you blow. Alcohol vapors inside your throat can skew the result. Thus, directly after two pints, the application tells us 2 grams per liter of blood. Although it is obvious to those who know the principle that you have to wait a bit, those who do not know will not be very well guided by the application. It is marked certainly, but not visibly enough for our taste.

For the rest, it is possible to have all the statistics on a graph, but also the time at which you will be sober. An excellent idea to add when the threshold of 0.5 gram is reached, to allow those who wish to resume driving legally. Also worth noting is the ability to order an Uber from the app. For those who like to challenge themselves, you can estimate your blood alcohol level. A fun feature that also captures the difference between what we think and reality. In the end, this breathalyzer is extremely practical and functional.

Conclusion BACtrack Mobile Pro

BACtrack Mobile Pro is an excellent companion for occasional or regular drinkers who want to control their blood alcohol level. The use is extremely simple and intuitive. We regret all the same an extremely high purchase price compared to non-connected breathtest. Note however that they are primarily “gadgets”, while the BACtrack Mobile Pro is a well built product. In this sense, its design is very practical, although unattractive.

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