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AYO reviews – a smart health lighting glasses can help you sleep better

Do you know the benefits of blue light? Discover them in this article with the full Ayo reviews , a smart health light therapy glasses.

Blue light is safe for the eyes and helps to optimize your sleep pattern. Associated with the GoAyo application (IOS and Android), the set offers individual support and personalized programs according to your pace of life and your needs. Several programs are offered:

– The “sleep” program that improves sleep management

– The “travel” program which makes it possible to better manage the time differences

– The program “energy” which you reboost in case of lack of energy

Light therapy is the new trend of the moment. Improve your productivity and recharge your energy with light, thanks to Ayo, the new pair of glasses connected.

Brand: Ayo
Connections: micro USB micro port
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Compatibility: Android and iOS application
Charging time: 3h
Autonomy: 10 hours / 20 sessions
Case dimensions: 173 x 80 x 65 mm
Case weight with glasses: 205g
Price: $299 
Availability: On the store at So Sample
Ayo is a pair of connected light therapy glasses. That is, it mimics the blue light of the sun and stops the production of melatonin, a hormone that causes sleep. During short sessions of several minutes of exposure, Ayo promises you the sensation of regaining tone. Practice after a long day of work or at the time of a helm during the day.

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Unboxing by AYO


The packaging is very simple, it is a white box with the necessary information such as the links to download the application, a QR code to synchronize the application and the glasses (but that will be discussed later) and some information about the product .

The box thus contains the glasses, the “capsule” of reloading, as well as the cable of reloading. No manual unfortunately, you have to go to a website to learn how to use the product.

Ayo reviews connected light therapy glasses smart health glasses ehealthVery solid, the charging box is excellent to carry his glasses everywhere without breaking them. It is very strong, lightweight and will take up little space in your bag or suitcase.

Get started with the AYO app

You first have to download the GoAyo application, it is only in English, but the pictograms facilitate understanding. It is then necessary to synchronize the glasses and the application using the QR code and following the instructions. The glasses must of course be charged before this first use. After the synchronization a demo of one minute is started.

It is possible to fill in your personal data in the app to receive tips for use and time of use of the glasses. The interface is simple and very intuitive. When a light therapy session starts, a timer starts and automatically activates the blue LEDs once the headset is on the head. They go out on their own once the time is over.

The application is very complete and offers many toning sessions.

smart health device AYO reviews app

After which you will have to fill in various information concerning you, such as the number of days worked and unemployed per week, your habits concerning the hour of the rising and the week-end and the week-end, your exposure to the natural and artificial light … I realized that my exposure to sunlight was too low!

The installation and startup of the product through the application are quite long because there is a lot of information to complete so that the application creates custom programs.

smart health device AYO reviews app installIt is important to specify that the glasses are very pleasant to wear. The blue light was not at all aggressive, on the contrary, rather relaxing. It does not interfere with the vision of the user. To adapt to all morphologies, fixation at the level of the nose is flexible, and does not interfere.

smart health device AYO reviews app simple

Using connected glasses

So Ayo promises to give you back the fishing thanks to the soft blue light that imitates the sunlight that the glasses emit. What to find your concentration and your efficiency for the whole day! Let’s test it!

Our client tested Ayo for the first time in the middle of the afternoon, at the famous 5pm bar.

Our customer first impression was that it’s still a little weird to wear glasses without glass, it looks like something is missing, but you get used to it quickly. He had the choice between 3 programs, the simple one, of 20 minutes, the medium of 30 minutes or the top of 40 minutes, for this first time he chose that of 30 minutes. When the program starts it’s a bit weird at first to have a little light just above the eyes like that, it’s not awkward at all, the light does not hurt (it would be silly), it’s only unusual.

He did not want to be on the computer at the same time for this first use, so it’s true that you found it a bit long, because you did not know what to do to take care of yourself.

Once the program finished, our customer would not say that he was cool like after a good night’s sleep, but he had the feeling of being rested as after a nap, but without the impression of being in the backyard, on the contrary!

smart health device AYO reviews app test ehealth product innovation
Ayo can tell you whether to go to bed earlier or later. And of course, when it will use connected glasses to spend better waking in the morning or fight against the famous “jet lag” due to time zone changes during travel The product is used by many athletes and globe-trotters to quickly regain strength after the effort, but not only. It is also an excellent product to find a little light and good mood, especially if you work all day in an office. In winters, if you work in an office, you can see very little of the sun. We start the day as we finished, in the night.

But Ayo is not only to sleep better, it is especially to give a boost to stay focused and focus throughout the day. Several sessions are proposed to you. Like that of 20 minutes, perfect after lunch break at work to stay awake.

The case of reloading is practical in addition to being design. It works like a portable battery and automatically charges the glasses once they are stored inside, after use.


Yes, the product works. Anyway, it’s useful for the customers. We felt sober after we tried Ayo’s glasses. Our biggest concern is that the real effectiveness of the product will soon be eliminated.

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